Bride-to-be picks up £780 Taylor Swift ticket in hen do change of plan

Taylor Swift fan Laura Roberts with her fiancé Stuart
Taylor Swift fan Laura Roberts with her fiancé Stuart -Credit:Laura Roberts

A diehard Taylor Swift fan having a traditional hen do with bridesmaids to go solo to watch her icon perform live in Liverpool.

Laura Roberts, 30, from Wigan, met her fiancé eight years ago, within six weeks they were engaged and are now set to finally get married - after a long engagement - this summer. But Laura, who is a die hard Taylor Swift fan, has decided against having a traditional hen party with her bridesmaids and wishes to go see her all time favourite icon in Liverpool, when she performs at Anfield next month.

The 30-year-old said it has always been a "dream" of hers to see TAY perform live, and next month that dream is set to come true.

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Laura told the ECHO: "I have got a maid of honour and my daughter, who is 12, as a bridesmaid. I had been thinking about my hen do, thinking about what I wanted to do. Then it clicked...I have been a Taylor Swift fan since I was a kid. I had been looking everywhere for tickets without being scammed.

"My maid of honour didn't want to go, she is not into Taylor Swift and because my daughter is under 12 [for general admission into the event you have to be over 16] she can't go. So I thought 'why should I miss out on seeing her?' so I thought I will go myself, and get dressed up and I will make friends when I get there.

"I'm here to see her up there, I'm not bothered about what is going on around me, I want to meet people there. I saw other people tagging each other on Facebook groups saying they are going - I have spoke to some people already who I am arranging to meet up with."

Laura is also planning a "traditional" hen do ahead of her wedding.

Laura and Stuart have been together for eight years and share a four-year-old son
Laura and Stuart have been together for eight years and share a four-year-old son -Credit:Laura Roberts

Laura has paid a massive £780 for her ticket to see Taylor Swift on June 13, she recalled how she cried when she got confirmation of her ticket booking. She said: "All that has been coming out of my mouth is 'Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift'. I've paid £780 for one ticket, so a lot of money. Well, my dad has actually paid for it for my hen do.

"I have spent hours and hours making them friendship bracelet things for the gig. I have never seen her in concert, I have loved her for years and years."

Laura said there is a "massive twist" to her story, as her dad is completely envious she will be the first person on the pitch in her family - despite him being a season ticket holder at Anfield for 53 years. She said: "My dad is a massive Anfield fan - they are season ticket holders him and my grandad - my granddad has had his season ticket for 65 years and my dad for 53 years.

"It's funny because they have been all over the world to see Liverpool but, I will be the first one of the family to go on the pitch. He is fuming, he keeps saying to me 'you dare put heel marks on the pitch'. He is fuming if I get to touch the grass.

"I rang my dad in tears when I found it [the ticket]. It's a once in a lifetime thing. She is doing limited shows in the UK. I can't wait, I'm so excited, I'm dreaming about it. I have had my outfit custom made, the boots and cowboy hat made."

Laura claims something "big is going to happen" on the date she is going - June 13. She said: "I know something big is going to happen, it's going to be her 100th show and it's her half birthday."

The 30-year-old is set to marry her soon-to-be husband, Stuart, on August 2, 2024 - they share a four year old son. She said: "It has been eight years, I have waited my time."

Stuart proposed to Laura after they had been together for just six weeks, she recalled: "He told me to go get my phone and he rang me, and he said I am giving you this ring now until I can give you a proper one, and asked me to marry him.

"That was in February 2016. In February 2024, I just booked the wedding without telling him and made a box of all the wedding things, and got him a card and said 'want to come to a wedding?' He said 'whose?' And I said 'ours.'

"We had everything booked within 23 days, I had my dress made and everything. It has been a whirlwind, every day is go big or go home with me."

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