Bride Says Her Sister-in-Law Threw a 'Tantrum' at Her Wedding, Refuses to Hand Over Ceremony Video Footage

The bride says her husband's family made her feel "ignored and invisible" in the months leading up to her big day

<p>Getty</p> Bride sitting in a ceremony waiting restaurant


Bride sitting in a ceremony waiting restaurant

A bride's recent wedding ended in tears thanks to her new sister-in-law's "tantrum."

In a post shared to Reddit, the bride — who identifies herself as a 27-year-old from the UK — wrote that she and her husband — a 38-year-old from the U.S. — had been dating long distance for two years and got engaged, before she ever met any of his family in person.

"I've met my in laws over video calls but not in person until a week before my actually wedding," she said.

<p>Getty</p> Sad bride outside


Sad bride outside

When she finally arrived in America, "it was hard because they claimed they wanted to get to know me so many times but none of them actually tried to make conversation with me" she said.

Instead, she explained, "they didn't ask questions and they were all talking about things I had no idea [about] as it was sports or something I couldn't even try to engage in, like reliving memories I couldn't really comment on other than, 'that sounds awesome' or 'that's great.' "

"I felt ignored and invisible," she added.

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Despite the drama, "the wedding itself went great, we got ready got married and started partying, but kind of, again same situation, no one spoke to me, the only people who actually had conversations with me were my friends, she said. "Me and my husband spent most of our time together."

At around 9 p.m. the bride changed out of her dress and began packing things up — and that's when her 48-year-old sister-in-law got upset, and began to "scream at me asking if we're leaving, like she was in severe shock."

<p>Getty</p> Friend shaming sad bride at a wedding


Friend shaming sad bride at a wedding

"She screamed at me 3 times until she then stormed out and threw a tantrum. My husband tried to go and calm her but that didn't work and she continued [crying] when I let my husband know that the Uber is here and we gotta go," she added.

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She continued: "I was exhausted and extremely annoyed at this point and I just wanted to leave. I shouted to my husband that I'm leaving with or without him."

Her exit angered her sister-in-law as well as her sister-in-law's husband, who took the wedding video and later told the newlyweds "we can't have [it' because i was 'immature' for not staying a little longer when I saw SIL was upset"

"I do understand her being upset but at the same time could she [have] pulled us aside and had a civil conversation with us rather than screaming at me and throwing a tantrum like a child," the bride wrote.

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After the poster wrote in the comments that she felt "insane" thinking she was in the wrong for leaving the reception, others weighed in.

"You weren't. And you weren't leaving because of her, but in spite of her," wrote one. "Just let her stew. This was your wedding, not hers. She doesn't get to dictate what you do at your wedding. Don't discuss this with her. If she brings it up, end the conversation unless she apologizes."

Another commented: "it’s your husband’s problem to deal with too. Congratulations on your wedding, onwards and upwards from here."

One other commenter was slightly more blunt, writing, "How cruel to hold your wedding video hostage in this ridiculous situation that was his wife’s fault. Sorry to say your new in laws suck."

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