Bride 'Shocked' After Best Friend Books Her Own Wedding on the Same Weekend

The bride's fiancé explained the situation in a recent post on Reddit's Wedding Shaming subreddit

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a bride and her bridesmaids


A stock image of a bride and her bridesmaids

A bride was "shocked" to find out her best friend inexplicably decided to book her own wedding on the very same weekend.

In a recent Reddit post on the popular subreddit Wedding Shaming, the bride's fiancé explained that the couple has had their September 2024 wedding date and venue booked since September 2022. The bride even asked her best friend to serve as maid of honor on her big day.

However, in December, the friend — who got engaged last summer — suddenly informed the bride of her desire to also have a September wedding this year.

"My fiancée was a bit shocked and said, 'It's not really my place to say you can't have a wedding in the same month as I do,' " the groom wrote in his post. "Then, a week later, she says in a friends group chat that she booked her venue."

As it turns out, the venue is an hour's drive from where most of their mutual friend group lives, and the maid of honor's wedding would be taking place the day after the bride's Friday wedding. The bride was asked to be a bridesmaid, but she turned down her friend's request due to the early start time of the ceremony on Saturday.

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"It's going to be difficult to attend the wedding, let alone be a bridesmaid," the groom wrote, before explaining that their friends are also finding the situation challenging.

"The friend group all expressed the same thing. My fiancée also rescinded her MOH request due to this friend being too busy to properly be a MOH. Some friends expressed they don't know if they can financially do two bridesmaids [back-to-back] like this."

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Making the situation even more sticky, the bride's friend booked some of the same vendors as well.

"She's using our photographer and florist because she doesn't have time to research so just piggybacked onto our research," the groom explained.

"What an illogical move by this friend to book the day after her best friend's wedding," he added.

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a bride and her bridesmaids


A stock image of a bride and her bridesmaids

The groom's post sparked a lively discussion in the comments, with many people expressing their disbelief at the best friend's actions.

"That is not a friend — did she really think everyone would jump ship from your wedding to do hers?" one Redditor wrote.

Another person chimed in, "All I can think is that this bridesmaid is trying to compete with OP bride. Who in their right mind would do this?? Is this some power play to see who likes her more??"

Other commenters questioned the logistical complexity of the friend's plans.

"When does this friend intend to do her rehearsal if almost her entire bridal party is in a wedding the night before?? Or any wedding prep that entire week??" one person wrote. "What was she thinking from a logistical standpoint because there is no way they are starting on time that early the day after someone else’s wedding."

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After receiving a flood of feedback on his post, the groom later posted a surprising update about the double-wedding dilemma.

"Friend sent out save the dates with the September date (day after ours) on it a couple of weeks ago. This morning, this friend contacted her guests saying she had gotten the date wrong, and it's actually August," he shared.

When the groom's fiancée asked her friend about the date swap, she told her she "moved the date due to the September wedding not working out but didn't want to say the reason to her family."

The groom concluded his update by thanking people for weighing in and sharing their opinions and advice with him.

"It was def a little cathartic moment for us seeing the world call this friend out," he wrote. "Now with the bridal showers and bachelorettes should be interesting lol."

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