Bride's welcome sign at wedding sees groom demoted – as people left chucking

Bride smiling with wedding guests behind her
One bride's hilarious welcome sign at her wedding saw the groom demoted -Credit:Getty Images

Every bride aims to shine on her wedding day, and one named Becca certainly ensured all eyes were on her.

In a comical twist on the traditional wedding signage, Becca made sure she was centre of attention.

As they made their way into the ceremony entrance, guests were greeted not by the usual balanced presentation of the couple's names, but by a sign that playfully boasted 'Becca's wedding' in bold, oversized letters. Meanwhile, her soon-to-be husband Jack was relegated to a mere 'featuring' role.

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The cheeky sign first appeared on X (formerly Twitter), sparking one user to comment: "Incredible work, Becca."

It didn't take long for the image to spread like wildfire, later going viral on a Facebook meme page and amassing more than 161,000 likes.

The humorous sign drew plenty of reactions, with one woman commenting: "Should have got one of these for my wedding too." One friend also joked to another: "This is how yours will look." While a third teased their mate: "I hope this will be featuring at yours!"

Even Jack wasn't spared from the banter as someone else chimed in with: "Enjoy married life with this one Jack!"

However, it's not just the brides who steal the show at weddings sometimes. One maid of honour also grabbed the spotlight at her sister's nuptials with her amazing rap routine. She decided to perform an amazing Vanilla Ice-inspired rap, much to people's delight.

A hilarious video captured the moment Rachel Winterbottom, from Eccles, delivered her rap tribute to her sister Hayley and new husband Paul.