Bridgerton star Ruby Barker breaks arm

Ruby Barker has broken her arm credit:Bang Showbiz
Ruby Barker has broken her arm credit:Bang Showbiz

'Bridgerton' star Ruby Barker has broken her arm after taking a tumble during a boulder-climbing session.

The 27-year-old actress was rushed to hospital after falling from a climbing wall on Wednesday (03.04.24) and she later revealed she'd suffered a dislocated elbow and a broken arm - admitting the pain was "a solid 10 out of 10".

After the accident, she took to Instagram to write: "Right guys that's me I'm off to hospital. I just came off this one up [climbing wall] here and I fell wrong on my arm.

"I believe I dislocated my arm and I'm in a lot of pain and I'm waiting on an ambulance. This is bouldering man, but I'm being taken care of really well. The ambulance might be three hours."

Ruby - who played Marina Thompson in the first series of the Netflix show - decided not to wait for the ambulance and was driven to hospital by a friend.

She went on: "We managed to make it into the car and we're going to go to Leeds General Infirmary by ourselves ...

"Any movement is hard. I've got a nice splint here. We've made a splint out of an oat milk box - keep it vegan - and hopefully we'll get there safely and without too much movement. But we're in the car and we're going there now so I feel really positive about that.

"Pain-wise it's a solid 10 out of 10 and I have no idea how I'm managing to keep it this real but I'm strong as we can see."

She later added an update, writing: "Dislocated elbow. Possible fracture, waiting in sorting the elbow out to do an another round of x rays. l'm only rope climbing from now on, mark my words. 'I was bouldering with a crash matt but the impact and way I fell on my arm just snapped it out man."

Ruby left hospital later that night and confirmed her arm was actually broken. She commented: "I broke my arm bro but yeah it [climbing] was awesome."

Ruby has been open about her mental health struggles in recent years and her climbing wall accident came just a day after she went public with her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

In a post on Instagram on Tuesday (02.04.24), Ruby wrote: " Hi, I’m bipolar. I have a diagnosis now, cause for celebration ... "

She previously claimed Netflix bosses failed to support her properly when she suffered mental health issues while filming 'Bridgerton'.

During an appearance on Oxford University's 'The LOAF Podcast', she explained: "It was a really tormenting place for me to be, because my character was very alienated, very ostracised, on her own, under these horrible circumstances."

Ruby alleged she didn't have solid support during filming, and she was admitted to hospital one week into shooting the first season back in 2019.

She claimed: "That was really covered up and kept on the down low, because the show was going to be coming out.

"Not a single person from Netflix, not a single person from [production company] Shondaland, since I have had two psychotic breaks, from that show have even contacted me or emailed me to ask me if I'm OK or ask me if I would benefit from any sort of aftercare or support."