Bridlington RNLI launched to assist windsurfer 'in trouble'

Bridlington RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) ‘Ernie Wellings’ launching.
-Credit: (Image: RNLI/Mike Milner)

The Bridlington RNLI volunteer crew was called into action by HM Coastguard on Friday 28 June at 11.03am, following a report of a windsurfer in trouble 200 metres from Fraisthorpe beach.

Launching the Bridlington RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) 'Ernie Wellings' at 11.14am, the three-person crew made haste towards Fraisthorpe, aided by a moderate south/west breeze.

They reached the windsurfer within four minutes. The ILB crew found the casualty to be in good health and spirits and well prepared, but his mast had unfortunately broken while sailing, leaving him at the mercy of the elements, which were pushing him away from the shore due to the offshore wind.

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Luckily, his friends on the beach had quickly alerted the HM Coastguards when the mast broke on the windsurf. The ILB then returned the windsurfer, along with their equipment, to Fraisthorpe beach.

Jason Webber, Bridlington RNLI Helm, said: "Thankfully as the windsurfer was well prepared in advance of the sail, they had taken the precaution of letting someone on shore know their whereabouts, this helped us respond quickly and bring the casualty safely back to the beach.

"Whenever you go out on the water, we always recommend letting someone on shore know where you are and always have a means of raising the alarm should you get into difficulty."