Bristol Airport short-stay car park has been ripped up

Bristol Airport is investing in a new public transport hub project
Bristol Airport is investing in a new public transport hub project -Credit:Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport's short-stay car park has been relocated as part of a £60 million development project, which includes the creation of a public transport interchange and an additional multi-storey car park. The initiative, representing the largest single investment since the terminal's opening in 2000, commenced in September last year and is expected to span 18 months.

Eyewitnesses report that the short-stay car park, previously situated in front of the terminal building, has been uprooted to make way for the new public transport interchange. It has now been moved to the rear of the existing multi-storey car park.

The upcoming interchange will occupy the top level of the multi-storey car park, introducing 10 new bays for coaches and buses. This expansion more than doubles the current number of bays (six), positioning the airport to host one of the South West region's largest bus/coach interchanges.

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In addition to serving as a hub for public transport, the top level of the multi-storey will also feature a dedicated drop-off and pick-up area. The internal road system will be enhanced to separate pedestrians and vehicles, thereby improving safety.

The new multi-storey car park will offer over 2000 spaces, complete with waiting rooms and rest facilities. It will be connected to the existing multi-storey car park, reports Bristol Live.

Pedestrians will be able to access the terminal by using a new glazed bridge link, which will mean that the current route involving steps and slopes between the car parks and terminal can be taken away.

Bristol Airport's CEO, Dave Lees, pronounced back in September: "This project is transformational for our customers. It is the largest single capital investment project since the terminal opened in 2000 and will take 18 months to complete."

"As with all large-scale projects, they are complex and the development work will need to be phased to accommodate the normal day to day Airport operations. During the project, customers will see several temporary changes taking place, including temporary relocation of some car parks and changes to internal roads layouts. We will continue to keep customers informed of the changes via directional signage, customer messaging on car park bookings, the website and on social media."

This monumental initiative forms part of grand plans to prepare Bristol Airport to cater for 12 million passengers annually and generate thousands of jobs in the future. The project "is the first of many" aimed at enhancing customer experience while transitioning towards being a net zero airport by 2030.