Britain’s Got Talent fans 'amazed' by audition but ask ‘why’ as they share the same complaint

Duncan Murray on Britain's Got Talent
Duncan Murray on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:Britain's Got Talent / ITV

Britain’s Got Talent fans were impressed with one act in particular on Saturday Night’s Show. Student Duncan Murray took to the stage to with a routine of pogo stick tricks which left the audience mesmerised with viewers at home saying he was ‘one of the best’.

The 22-year-old performed jaw-dropping jumps on the pogo-stick, even going off stage and performing flips and somersaults. To the audience’s delight he even brought on Ant and Dec on stage and jumped over the pair with his stick.

Judge Simon Cowell was grinning throughout, while close-ups on audience members showed how amazed they were. At the end of the act received a standing ovation.

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Simon said: “You took your two minutes and made a moment.” Fellow Judge Amanda Holden added: “It was just brilliant, we will take you through to the next round.”

Duncan Murray on Britain's Got Talent
Duncan Murray on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:Britain's Got Talent / ITV

Darren’s feats impressed fans at home who took to X, previously known as Twitter, to share their thoughts. @Sam_5516 said: “Pogo stick guy amazing best so far I can’t balance on a little one let alone do that so 10/10.” @JillHudson21 added: “Now this is amazing” @CaptMagenta said: “This guy is like if Super Mario had a pogo stick.”

But viewers were quick to point out an issue after Darren shared that he was from New Brunswick in Canada. Prior to his performance he announced that he had dreams of performing in Vegas.

Viewers pointed out that he should be on a different show, not Britain’s Got Talent. @Ginger_Ninja27 said: “Oh yeah, Canada, that place near Newcastle why don’t they just change the shows name?!” @mariahscracker added: “Pogo stick man - he’s from Canada & if he wins he wants to be in Vegas…mate the prize Is performing at the London Paladium! Not Vegas.” Another said: “if this guy wants to perform in vegas… he’s auditioning for the wrong got talent. America’s Got Talent would be more his gig x”

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