Britain’s most loyal customer has tucked into full English breakfast at the same café for 30 YEARS

A pensioner could be Britain’s most loyal customer after tucking into a full English breakfast at the same café for 30 YEARS.

Don Gilbert, 82, has been a regular at Poppins Café Restaurant in Worcester since he first discovered it in the early 1990s.

The historian and author started popping into the café on his way to the library every Wednesday.

He is now a regular fixture and has barely missed going into his favourite eaterie for more than three decades.

Don always sits down for his breakfast at 10.30 am and orders the same meal, a ‘Favourite Five’ fried breakfast washed down with a cup of tea.

The £4.49 brekkie consists of bacon, sausage, fried egg, and toast with beans or tomatoes.

Don, from Kidderminster, Worcs., said: “I just love it here and it’s part of my weekly routine.

“I always get here around 10.30 am and order the same thing which is always £4.49.

“It’s a lovely place and there are people here to talk to. It’s just so friendly.

I have the Favourite Five breakfast, with tinned plum tomatoes and a soft egg.

“I order a cup of tea – not too strong, not too weak – with two sugars and a tap water.

“I am very regimented in my ways. I always leave by 11 o’clock and then I go and visit the library.”

Poppins is managed by Irfan Yildiz, who took over the cafe four years ago.

He said: “Don always orders our budget breakfast which is very popular with pensioners.

“When Don comes in, he doesn’t even need to tell us what he wants to eat or drink.

“As soon as he sits down, every staff member knows what he would like to eat and drink, and how he would like his food cooked.

“He says he comes here because the price is reasonable, the service is friendly, and he knows we serve quality food.

“He likes the warm feeling and feels welcomed. To us, he’s part of our family and all the customers and staff just love seeing him.

“He comes consistently every week. It might be Wednesday, it might be Friday, but he definitely comes once a week at least. We love him.”