Britain's Got Talent hit with 'ringer' complaint as Sydnie Christmas gets Amanda Holden golden buzzer

Sydnie Christmas on Britain's Got Talent
Sydnie Christmas on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV1

Sensational singer Sydnie Christmas was the first Golden Buzzer of the new Britain's Got Talent series as Amanda Holden rushed to put her straight through to the live shows.

But eagle eyed ITV1 viewers searching for Sydnie Christmas have levelled a 'ringer' accusation at the brilliant singer, whose rendition of Tomorrow brought a standing ovation from the audience.

Simon Cowell told Sydnie he 'loves the song now' after her amazing voice had all four judges on their feet.

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Amanda Holden then rushed to press the golden buzzer, which means she will be straight through to the finals.

Sydnie has appeared on stage in the past and has a Spotify page, leading fans to make the same complaint.

@sandwe1 said: "Another ringer! In March, Donna and Bonnie flew out to see our fabulous client Sydnie Christmas as ‘Pearl’ in the Bochum production of Starlight Express."

@themaskedvision said: "Ah the “I just want to be on West End” singer who has performed in Grease and Starlight Express. I’d respect someone so much more if they’re just honest about their experience"

Sydnie Christmas on BGT on ITV1
Sydnie Christmas on BGT on ITV1 -Credit:ITVX

@olireading said; "#BGT googling suggests she already has a West end career and a record deal"

Sydnie Christmas' biography states she has appeared at the King's Cross Theatre in London where she was a lead voice in Lazarus. She has also toured the world on cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International. She also appeared in Starlight Express in Bochum.

Sydnie has also released two tracks on Spotify, with the top one, Heal Me, topping out at 1,940 plays as of the time of this episode going out.

But a lot of people loved Sydnie's performance and said she 'well deserved' the golden buzzer.

@danhammer97 said: "Well deserved for golden buzzer! #BGT"

@anthonyshannon2 said: "She was full of personality. Glad she had the talent to match.... #BGT"

@sophiegracei said: "Throughout that I was saying come on, there’s a big voice inside there and then it came, seriously WOW #bgt #britainsgottalent"

@caz_lowry said; "Wowsers!! #SydneyChristmas was bloody marvellous, what a voice!!! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent"

@pengiiplays said: "Sydneys voice is STUNNING!!! #bgt"