Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden on her age gap marriage, double childbirth tragedy and 'woke' row

Amanda Holden and Les Dennis were married for five years
Amanda Holden and Les Dennis were married for five years -Credit:Gareth Davies/Getty Images

She's been a mainstay of the hit ITV1 talent show for nearly two decades now but Amanda Holden has had an eventful life away from the Britain's Got Talent cameras as well as in front of them.

The sometimes outspoken judge, who also hosts a Heart Radio show when she's not sat with Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon judging singers and dancers, has been married twice and also has three kids.

But though her comments about 'wokery' have raised eyebrows in recent years, it's something Amanda is probably used to after her age gap marriage to household name TV star Les Dennis before Amanda cheated on Les with a big TV actor.

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Liverpool-born Dennis has had an eventful personal life having been married three times, most famously to Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.

The pair married in 1995 when Dennis was 40 and Holden was 23 - giving the couple a 17 year age gap. They later took a temporary break from their marriage in 2000 after Holden had an affair with actor Neil Morrissey. The affair left Dennis devastated but the couple decided to give things another go, until eventually separating in 2002 and divorcing the following year.

Amanda Holden on Britain's Got Talent
Amanda Holden on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV

Dennis has since confessed that he no longer resents Holden for the affair and can now watch Britain’s Got Talent without getting “angry”. Speaking to The Sunday Times, he said: “Amanda was in the papers recently, saying some nice things about me. That was very kind of her. Maybe with time she has been able to look back and see things differently."

He added: "We're not in touch but I am happy that she's happy. I can watch Britain's Got Talent without getting angry. To be honest it's like watching a different person, someone I've never met. All the hurt that has happened has been healed.”

Dennis went on to take on perhaps his most famous TV role in 1987 as the host of ITV’s Family Fortunes, which he fronted until 2002.

Amanda then went on to marry record producer Chris Hughes, with whom she's since had three children. F1 star David Coulthard was the best man at their wedding.

Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden in Paris recently
Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden in Paris recently -Credit:@noholdenback/Instagram

Their relationship was tinged with tragedy though, as Holden suffered a miscarriage in 2010 and a stillbirth in 2011. Despite medical complications though, Amanda and Chris were able to have a third child in 2012.

In recent years Amanda has become more outspoken. After an edgy comic's performance in 2023, Amanda Holden, who had already stirred up controversy a few months ago when she said LGBT campaigner Paul O'Grady 'didn't have a woke bone in his body', then used her remarks to talk about 'snowflakes' live on air.

She said: "For all the wokery and all the snowflakes out there, I applaud you because this is the way forward not the other way. Well done."