Britain’s Got Talent Sword Swallowing Act ‘Too Dangerous’ To Perform Live

One of this year’s most unforgettable Britain’s Got Talent auditions came from sword swallower Alex Magala, who shocked audiences both at home and in the theatre with his dare-devil act.

However, whilst he escaped without injury after shooting down a pole head-first with a sword down his throat, bosses have decided that it’s just too risky to let him perform his next stunt live during Monday’s semi-final (May 23).


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Instead, he must pre-record his performance, just in case it doesn’t go quite to plan.

Revealing the change, Alex told The Sun: “They (the bosses) have a point, so I couldn’t really refuse.

“The whole act is so dangerous, there is no safety button on it. And, although I reassured them that I would be in control all the time, I have never done this stunt before.

“It could be a revolution in the world of sword-swallowing. But if even the slightest little thing — a wrong angle, a glitch in the music — goes wrong, it will break my concentration and it could be a massive disaster.”


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The former Russia’s Got Talent winner added that he has cut his oesophagus in the past, explaining: “But with this one there are no minor injuries. It either goes right or it goes very, very badly wrong.”


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