Britain's Got Talent viewers left fuming over repetitive show element which needs to 'stop'

BGT fans weren't too happy
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Britain's Got Talent viewers were left fuming during a recent instalment of the ITV staple, demanding that producers stop using the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman in segments of the show.

Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden reunited for another episode of the saga at the weekend, with Ant and Dec presenting fans with an abundance of acts - good and bad. But fans watching across the UK started to fume when they noticed that ITV were using a familiar soundtrack from previous episodes.

As Kevin Finn sailed through to the next round after his comedic performance, viewers complained that another song from The Greatest Showman started to play. Gathering in their masses on social media, one took to X to vent: "#BGT see if I hear ONE MORE GREATEST SHOWMAN SONG BETWEEN NOW AND 8:55 I WILL ACTUALLY GET THE TRAIN FROM GLASGOW TO LONDON TO CHANGE THE SONG."

The Star reports another complained: "Do they not have access to any other songs apart from The Greatest Showman soundtrack? Spice it up a bit," while a third simply said: "Playing the greatest showman again! Ffs." Meanwhile, a fourth jabbed: "The amount of royalties this show must pay out to The Greatest Showman every bloody week."

Elsewhere on the show, viewers were left confused as another act received a coveted golden buzzer from Simon. Skating act Duo Stardust left the judges amazed while skating on a platform suspended in the air - with the audience begging the judges to hit the golden buzzer as the performance came to a close.

Beckoning to demands, Simon lunged at the buzzer - but many viewers who are unaware that the buzzers are now unlimited were baffled by this. One questioned: "Simon pressing the golden buzzer again. How many do they get these days. Normally one per judge."

Meanwhile, a second asked: "How many golden buzzers are given?" and a third questioned: "How many golden buzzers have #bgt given now? Feels like every other act is a golden buzzer."