Ant and Dec hit Britain's Got Talent Golden Buzzer after 'insane' audition on ITV show

Britain's Got Talent's Ant and Dec
Britain's Got Talent's Ant and Dec -Credit:ITV

In the same show that Amanda Holden also hit the Golden Buzzer, Ant and Dec pressed it to send through martial art acrobats Ssaulabi, after being blown away by their 'insane' audition.

After nearly a year away from ITV, the much loved entertainment show made its big return on Saturday night, with Geordie duo Ant and Dec once again on hosting duties as they and the judges gathered at the London Palladium to get a first look at the 2024 hopefuls.

It didn't take long for Amanda to hit the Golden Buzzer, with her using it to hand singer Sydnie Christmas an automatic place in the semi finals and as Simon Cowell was criticised for not hitting it for an act he said 'could win' the new series, there was to be another Golden Buzzer hit before the episode was over, as Ant and Dec stormed the stage to send Ssaulabi through.

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The taekwondo group jetted in from South Korea in a bid to impress the Britain's Got Talent judges and packed crowd inside the theatre and, right from the off, they had their audience completely hooked with a string of daring, mightily impressive and almost unbelievable tricks.

Ant and Dec were gobsmacked by what they saw, as the presenters reacted very vocally in the wings describing the group' talents as 'insane,' as Dec shouted: "Oh my god!" And, before the judges even had the chance to offer their feedback, the lads raced on stage and down towards the panel in front of them to push the Golden Buzzer, as gold confetti covered the delighted members of Ssaulabi.

While there were a few eyebrows raised over Amanda's pick for Golden Buzzer, the general consensus from viewers watching Saturday's Britain's Got Talent at home, was that Ant and Dec made a brilliant choice, with some fans saying the audition was among the best they'd 'ever seen' on the programme in its 17 year history.