Britain's Got Talent's Innocent Masuku 'robbed' of Golden Buzzer after Susan Boyle moment

Britain's Got Talent's Innocent Masuku
Britain's Got Talent's Innocent Masuku -Credit:ITV

Britain's Got Talent viewers were left disappointed and condemning the judges at the end of Sunday night's show as Innocent Masuku, who Amanda Holden said was the 'best opera singer' ever to appear on the show, failed to get the Golden Buzzer.

The ITV show returned for a new series this weekend, taking over the primetime slot for two days in a row, as the judges and viewers watching at home get their first look at the acts in contention for this year's crown and a spot on the line-up of the Royal Variety Performance.

By the time credits had rolled on Saturday night's BGT, two Golden Buzzers had already been handed out, with Amanda hitting it for singer Sydnie Christmas and hosts Ant and Dec doing the same to send martial art acrobats Ssaulabi straight through to the live shows. Another Golden Buzzer act was revealed on Sunday, but, despite the judges being blown away by his performance, it wasn't Innocent.

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As he captivated everyone with a rendition of opera standard Caruso, plenty of Britain's Got Talent fans said that Innocent was having his 'Susan Boyle moment,' in reference to 2009 runner up Susan's first audition where she became a worldwide sensation thanks to her version of I Dreamed A Dream.

When Innocent stopped singing, Alesha Dixon told him she was 'lost for words,' Bruno Tonioli remarked he was "very special" and, paying him the highest compliment, Amanda made the comment about him being the best opera singer to ever be on the show. So, after all of that it came as a surprise to viewers that the Golden Buzzer wasn't hit, not longer after Alesha had used it on inspirational singing group Ravi's Dream Team.

Hitting out at the judges for the 'snub,' one critic took to X to write: "Where the F**K was his golden buzzer!!!! What a joke. He was amazing! Absolute joke comparing to the other golden buzzers" and another complaining: "How didn't he get a golden buzzer! This show is so backwards," as a third ranted: "He’s the only decent act there’s been on this series so far; fully deserved a golden buzzer and he didn’t get it. Shameful for someone with actual talent.