Britain's Got Talent's Sydnie Christmas in ITV 'fix' row as musical career uncovered

Britain's Got Talent's Sydnie Christmas
Britain's Got Talent's Sydnie Christmas -Credit:ITV

Sydnie Christmas has fuelled 'fix claims after just one episode of Britain's Got Talent's new series, with a number of viewers unhappy over her existing career in musical theatre, which has seen her star in a string of hit shows.

Appearing just over half an hour into the ITV show's return on Saturday night, Sydnie looked like she may have set herself up for a fall before she'd even sang one note, as she announced she wasn't going to perform Tomorrow from Annie, only to be told by Amanda Holden that Simon Cowell 'hated' the song.

Nevertheless, Sydnie carried on regardless and quickly had all of the judges, even Simon, totally transfixed, as she delivered an amazing rendition of a track known the world over. Many of the audience inside the London Palladium were on their feet by the time Sydnie had finished singing and, after telling her it was the 'most stunning rendition' of Tomorrow she'd ever heard, Amanda hit the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight through to the live Britain's Got Talent semi finals.

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While there was no denying that Sydnie was a fantastic singer and had delivered an awesome performance, some viewers watching at home were far from impressed to learn that she already has an established career. A quick search online reveals that Sydnie has been in well known musicals like Grease, Starlight Express and Lazarus.

Having found that out, one critic took to X (Twitter) to complain: "Sydnie was amazing but she shouldn’t be allowed to make out she’s Joe Public when in fact she’s a professional singer" as another reacted: "Why did Sydnie get a Golden Buzzer. She's a professional for goodness sake."