British actress Mia Goth accused of kicking man in the head on film set

A case has been filed against Mia Goth  (PA Archive)
A case has been filed against Mia Goth (PA Archive)

British actress Mia Goth has been accused of kicking a background actor in the head during filming for slasher movie MaXXXine.

In a Los Angeles court filing, actor James Hunter claims that the incident took place last April while he was drenched in fake blood and told to lie on the ground and play dead for a scene.

He said he had been laying "in the dirt for several hours, enduring ants and mosquitoes" while Goth was supposed to step over him.

After a few takes playing “dead parishioner”, he alleges the actress was warned about stepping on him.

The filing to the Superior Court of California, county of Los Angeles states: “In the following take, defendant Goth intentionally kicked plaintiff in his head with her boot.

“The kick in the head caused plaintiff to immediately experience headache and stiffness in his neck.”

Mr Hunter says he reported the incident and was told filming would continue.

Following the shoot ending, he alleges that Goth “laughed” at him in the bathroom and, after removing his costume, left for the day.

He claims the next day he was was banned from the film set and was diagnosed a few days later with concussion at Placentia-Linda hospital in Placentia, California.

Mr Hunter alleges he “has continued to suffer, symptoms of the head trauma, including disorientation, vertigo, migraines, nightmares, and severe emotional distress” and has filed a civil action of battery against Goth.

He also also filed action on A24 Films LLC, Goth, and director Ti West claiming wrongful termination.

Goth has starred in all films in the X film series, which focus on a female protagonist and have been directed and written by West.

The origin story, Pearl, was also written by Goth and she has served as a producer on the project.

The 30-year-old is in a relationship with American actor Shia LaBeouf, who she starred with in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, and they have one child.

Goth, West and A24 Films have been contacted for comment.