British Airways flight from Bermuda to London evacuated after ‘bomb threat’

British Airways flight from Bermuda to London evacuated after ‘bomb threat’

Passengers due to fly to London from Bermuda at the weekend were evacuated from their plane after a bomb threat was emailed to LF Wade international airport.

The waiting passengers were disembarked after the threat was reported at 8.50pm on Sunday night.

Local roads were closed to traffic “while the airport building and its environs were searched by airport security” a spokesman for the Bermuda police service said.

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“Police were notified by staff at the LF Wade International Airport of a bomb threat that was received via email,” the spokesperson explained. “Staff also advised that emergency landing protocols had been initiated at the airport.”

“Once the all-clear was given and the airport was declared safe, regular traffic flow was restored.”

Passengers were all reported to be safe but the flight was delayed overnight on Sunday.

The flight was due to depart from Bermuda to London on Monday night.

A spokesperson for British Airways told The Independent: “The safety of our customers and colleagues is always our highest priority and we followed our standard procedures to disembark the aircraft.

“Our teams are caring for our customers and supporting crew as we work to get them on their way as soon as possible.”

The Independent has approached the Bermuda police service for further comment.