British Airways Might Well Be Asking You Not To Eat Peanuts On Its Flights Soon


British Airways is to start asking passengers sitting near those with nut allergies not to eat peanuts on board its flights.

Although the airline already has a policy of not serving peanuts as a snack or in meals itself, passengers are allowed to bring their own to munch while flying.

But BA will soon be the first major airline to specifically ask passengers to refrain from indulging when sitting near someone with allergies.

The nuts won’t be banned outright, but it is hoped that the announcements will reduce the risk of those suffering nut allergies having a reaction.

Allergic reactions to peanuts and shellfish can cause anaphylactic shock and be fatal - not something you want to risk when you’re thousands of miles in the air and away from all medical assistance.

The on-board announcements are set to kick in after a policy change takes effect on February 18th, according to Allergic Living website.

“We are updating our policy and, as an additional measure, our crew will also make an announcement on board to inform customers, and to ask those in the vicinity to refrain from eating nut products,” a spokesperson for the BA told Allergic Living.

The site’s editor, Gwen Smith, describes the announcements as “a big win for the food allergy community”.

Image: Food and Drink/REX Shutterstock