British Expats Face Being Deported From UAE For Swearing On WhatsApp

Take care on WhatsApp if you're in the UAE
Take care on WhatsApp if you're in the UAE

Brits who’ve headed for the sunnier life in the United Arab Emirates could be kicked out of the country if they are caught swearing online.

Tough new internet laws in the UAE will see anyone swearing online or on apps like WhatsApp or Kik fined 250,000 dirham (£44,000).

But expats could be deported from the country under the new federal law that governs internet users.

It comes after a man native to UAE was fined 3,000 dirham (£523) for swearing at someone on WhatsApp.

The Federal Supreme Court (FSC) decided that the fine was too lenient after a prosecutor’s appeal.

They argued that the new laws should see the man stuck with a heavier fine or even imprisonment.

According to the Emarat Al Youm’ daily, the FSC “supported the prosecutor’s appeal and affirmed the need for the enforcement of the law governing information technology crimes involving a Dh250,000 fine and deportation from the country.”

The man is set to be tried again in a new court.

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