British As Folk star Ivo Graham says travel show steered clear of Brexit talk

British As Folk star Ivo Graham said he steered clear of discussing Brexit on the travel programme in order to avoid accusations of lecturing people.

The Dave series sees Graham and fellow comedians Fern Brady and Darren Harriott driving around the country exploring modern British life.

The first episode aired this week and featured the trio travelling to Leicester.

Graham, 31, revealed one subject that was rarely discussed was the UK’s departure from Europe, which he said often earns “metropolitan London comics” a cold response from audiences.

Such discussions can lead to audiences having “that feeling of being lectured to”, Graham told the PA news agency.

He said: “Whereas I think we were all very conscious in every aspect tonally of being polite, enthusiastic outsiders, so we weren’t going to tell anyone anything or say, ‘these are our preconceptions about Hull’, to avoid any kind of condescension.”

Graham added: “Actually the first episode, which is the Leicester episode, really focuses on the multiculturalism of Leicester, and how much of a source of pride that is for people. So we got that side of the coin as well.”

Harriott, 33, said filming the show could be exhausting.

“There wasn’t much time for anything else, really,” he said. “Once we started filming, that was it, we were just there all day filming. We met a lot of different people. It was really fun though.

“We did like two episodes sometimes together so we’d just travel straight to a different place and then we’d start filming usually the next day.”

British As Folk airs Mondays at 10pm on Dave.