British Gas, OVO, EDF, Octopus customers urged 'spend £29 in July' or risk bigger August bill

British Gas, OVO, EDF, Octopus customers have been warned to make sure they are spending £30 in July or August - or risk bills rising by HUNDREDS. Energy customers have been informed of some subtle changes they can make to save cash.

Money Wellness expert Sian Westley warned fans, coolers, freezers and fridges can eat away at your household income and contribute to rising bills. She said: "Invest in a smart power strip for around £29.99, which cuts power to devices when they're not in use."

She also championed one household appliance found in most kitchens, and praised the dishwasher. Sian, speaking out after the Ofgem energy price cap changed yesterday (Monday July 1), added: "They use less water than hand washing in the sink."

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"According to the Energy Saving Trust, hand washing accounts for 4% of the average household's water use, whereas dishwashers makeup just 1%. Maximise the saving by completely filling your dishwasher before turning it on to reduce cost-per-wash."

She said: "Ice buildup means your freezer has to work harder to regulate the temperature inside, especially if it gathers around the fan. A frost-free freezer will save money on energy bills, and you'll be able to use every inch of space, so more room for ice creams and other summer treats."

Sian added: "Save money by reducing the temperature you wash your clothes at to 30 degrees and make sure you only wash a full load. Your clothes will be cleaned as well as they would on a hot wash, but you'll use 40% less energy. To boost savings, take advantage of the nice weather, and dry your clothes outside for free. Dryers vacuum up energy and cost around £1.51 per cycle."

"Make the most of outdoor living in summer and commit to restricting as much energy use as possible to off-peak hours. Off-peak hours vary depending on your supplier but they're usually between 10pm and 8am because less energy is taken from the grid during this time, so energy providers can afford to offer cheaper rates."

Sian added: “Take some time over summer to check what you are entitled to . Even a small award can open the door to lots of different help, such as the WaterSure scheme, which helps low-income households with high essential water use with the cost of their water bills."