British Gas, OVO, EDF, Octopus customers warned to keep fridge 'two thirds full'

British Gas, OVO, Octopus and EDF customers, as well as those with other energy suppliers, have been told to never leave "energy-draining" devices on standby and "save hundreds" annually. Experts have shared the "energy-draining" appliances many people forget to turn off.

Discussing a kettle, the comparison experts at Bionic said: “Whilst your kettle isn’t a huge energy consumer, switching it off when you aren’t using it can help save you money. By boiling the kettle with the right amount of water for your drink, you can also help save on your energy as your kettle won’t need to boil unnecessary amounts.”

People who leave kettles on face having to fork out £40 extra on bills, while leaving phone and laptop chargers on is also adding cash to outgoings. Leaving games consoles like the XBOX One, PlayStation 5 and more on, could mean a few pounds per day being added too.

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To ensure your fridge is cost-effective, households are warned to keep it two-thirds full to run most efficiently as it leaves enough space for the air to circulate freely inside. Les Roberts, business comparison expert at Bionic, commented: “We can often forget that when we turn devices off, they are left on standby and continue to use energy.

“The best way to combat this is to remember to turn non-essential electricals off at the plug. It can save you hundreds of pounds annually and only takes two seconds.” 30% of people are confused about vampire appliances, and how they can stop them using energy when they’re not in use.

Avoid standby mode where you can, don’t leave chargers plugged to your devices when you’re not using them and turn your lights off when you leave the room. Use your appliances to their full extent and use extension leads, too, households say.