British Gas says it will deduct £40 from customer bills in 'rebate'

British Gas has rolled out an exclusive offer with Mixergy smart hot-water tank owners. Mixergy customers who sign up for a British Gas fixed-rate tariff will save a further £40 a year when they opt-in to Mixergy Extra. The £40 rebate will be deducted by British Gas from the energy bill.

More than 70% of all Mixergy customers already opt-in as a Mixergy Hero to help solve grid congestion. Now, thanks to Mixergy Extra, customers will receive extra financial rewards when they enable British Gas to optimise their Mixergy tank to heat when local or national electric demand is lower.

Pete Armstrong, CEO of Mixergy, explains: “We have been working with British Gas to explore how hot water tanks can support our power grid infrastructure by alleviating grid congestions as more renewables are installed on an already overloaded grid.

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"Imagine if every hot water tank in the UK worked just like a battery and was connected to the grid so you could charge when power was cheapest and cleanest? This could free up a phenomenal amount of room to onboard more renewables.

"Instead of paying windfarms to switch off we could pay home-owners to switch on!” Pete went on: “This is why we’re thrilled British Gas has chosen to be the first utility to offer Mixergy Extra. The first smart hot-water tank energy offer which pays homeowners.”

John Evans, Commercial Director for British Gas said: “This offer supports our ambitions to decarbonise homes. The Mixergy smart hot water tank cylinder uses less energy to heat water faster which saves our customers money whilst also supporting grid demand."

And Mr Evans continued, going on to say: "We wanted to encourage more of our customers to take up these benefits so are giving them an added incentive to switch and reduce cost and carbon.”