British holidaymakers chased and rammed by Spanish driver in apparent road rage incident near Majorca's Palma airport

Spanish police are investigating a terrifying road rage incident in which a group of British holidaymakers were chased for over a mile on a motorway before being violently rammed off it.

The incident near Palma airport in the tourist hotspot of Majorca was captured on CCTV and mobile phone footage, with the Britons attempting to escape a man who is pursuing them.

The driver could be seen veering around the tourists’ car in an attempt to ram them off the road as they attempted to get onto the motorway.

In another clip, the holidaymakers can be seen going down a one-way road in a bid to avoid being attacked, before the man puts his car in reverse and repeatedly rammed it into them.

He is then filmed sticking his fingers up at them through the window and speeding away from the scene of the crime.

A frightened woman can be heard attempting to find out what Spain’s emergency number is as the car is smashed into her vehicle.

Spain’s Guardia Civil has now launched an appeal over the April 19 incident, saying the two drivers had had an argument before at the Son Oms industrial site.

The site, close to Palma de Mallorca airport, hosts a number of car rental firms.

Police said in a statement: “The victim stopped the vehicle at one of the entrances to the highway, reversing, to escape from the other driver.

“At that moment the vehicle that was pursuing him also reversed until it crashed intentionally, causing numerous damages to both vehicles.

“After a complaint was received the agents located the driver, who is being investigated for the crime of reckless driving, and another for damages.”

The motive for the ramming incident was not given by police.

However, it comes amid a growing anti-tourism sentiment on the island, with protesters complaining that short-term holiday lets are undermining locals’ right to affordable housing.

Around 10,000 protesters took to the streets of Palma, Majorca’s capital, at the weekend to seek limits on tourist numbers, with some vowing to shut down the island’s airport.

Anti-tourist groups have also complained that scarce water is being used to fill swimming pools and roads are being congested with holidaymakers’ cars.