British Political Leader Accuses ‘Baby Reindeer’ Inspiration of Stalking Him in the ’80s | Video

Former Parliament member George Galloway revealed he also was stalked by Fiona Harvey – the real-world inspiration for “Baby Reindeer.”

While interviewing on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” Wednesday, Galloway – the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, which he founded in 2019 – said he was reminded while watching the host interview Harvey in May that he had also been a target in the ’80s.

“It took me right back to the 1980s when stalking was up close and personal,” he told host Piers Morgan. “There was no email, there was no texting, you had to either phone someone on their landline or turn up at their door. That’s real stalking and that’s what she did to me.”

Galloway explained that after he was elected MP, Harvey – who was a member of the Labor Party – began to crop up.

“Suddenly I find this obsessive woman in my midst,” he said. “Everywhere I turned she was there, and at first I thought that she fancied me, but it turned out that she fancied my job. She was a relentless and physical – up close and personal – stalker of mine and I’m ready to testify to that.

When asked how often he was contacted, Galloway said, “She called me hundreds of times, and she showed up hundreds of times at the most inappropriate places. At my office, wherever she discovered that we were. Exactly the things that she acknowledged that she’d done.”

Harvey’s lawyer Richard Roth released a statement following the interview addressing Galloway’s accusations.

“The statements of George Galloway, a former member of parliament with his own agenda, which vaguely and generally claim that Ms. Harvey stalked him ‘hundreds of times’ 40 years ago, has nothing whatsoever to do with what Netflix did to Ms. Harvey in 2024,” Roth said.

Morgan interviewed Harvey back in May shortly after the Netflix series gained popularity. “Baby Reindeer” chronicles creator/writer/star Richard Gadd’s experience being stalked and harassed by a woman named Martha, a woman inspired by Harvey.

“We’ve had no apologies from Netflix or him, nothing,” she told Morgan at the time. “I mean, for someone who says he feels sorry for me, I’ve had no apology. My character seems to have smashed up a bar, sexually assaulted him in a canal, been to prison. There are a number of other allegations, and … that’s not true.”

Watch a segment from Galloway’s interview with Morgan in the X embed above.

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