A Year in British Politics, Part Three: Rishi Sunak

'A Year in British Politics, Part Three: Could Things Bounce Back Under Sunak?' When Trussonomics plunged the pound, Sunak finally got his shot at the top job, and the markets immediately began to bounce back. But, as winter rolled in, so did the recession. Inflation hit a 41-year high. Energy bills soared and, by September, families were forced to make the choice between eating and heating. Sunak entered No. 10 at a time when the country was hurtling towards a winter of soaring energy bills, hospital waiting lists and inflation. After three months at the helm, Sunak is facing record-breaking strike action by nurses, ambulance drivers, teachers, train conductors, postal staff and more, as the government refuses their demands for more money and better working conditions. It’s been an interesting year for UK politics, and the pace at which things have changed makes it hard to be sure what will happen in 2023. .