British woman rescued after being kept as 'sex slave' in Italy

A British woman has been rescued after being kept as a sex slave in Italy and raped repeatedly.

The woman had reportedly met Mamadou Jallow, from Mali, on Facebook while she was living in Germany because of her job.

He persuaded her to travel with him to Italy but when they arrived her bank account was emptied and she was kept captive in a room and allegedly raped repeatedly for two weeks by him and two other men.

Arrested – Suspect Mamadou Jallow has been arrested after the woman was allegedly kept as a sex slave (Pictures: Polizia di Stato)

The woman only escaped when she managed to secretly use a mobile phone to call her family, who had informed police after they hadn’t heard from her for two weeks.


The signal was traced to an isolated house in Rosarno, southern Italy and police helped the woman to escape.

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Jallow and two other suspects have been arrested.

The woman, who a police spokesman said was in a “terrible state”, is recovering in hospital.