Britney Spears brands raunchy ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ too ‘sexual’

Britney Spears has branded her crowd-pleasing ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ too “sexual”.

The ‘Toxic’ singer, 41, went on the road with the raunchy shows in 2004, which included a segment in which she mimed touching herself to her song ‘Touch of My Hand’ while wearing a nude bodysuit in a bathtub.

They came two years after she broke up with Justin Timberlake, 42, and says she hated the content so much she prayed to break a bone so she wouldn’t have to carry on the shows.

Britney says in her new memoir ‘The Woman in Me’ about her hatred of the tour: “It was too sexual, for a start… rough.”

Britney adds she agreed to push boundaries with her stage show at the time as ‘Cry Me a River’ singer Justin had left her reeling and “embarrassed (her) publicly” by discussing their sex life in interviews and claiming she cheated on him.

She said: “My rebuttal onstage was to kind of go there a little bit,. But it was absolutely horrible. I hated it in the moment.

“I felt like I’d been manipulated into going straight back to work after the breakup with Justin, because it was all I knew.

“The ‘Onyx’ tour was a mistake. But in my mind I thought I should just do what I was supposed to do, which was work.”

Britney also brands the tour “stupid” in her book and confesses to praying “every night” that she would break a bone so she could cancel the remaining concerts.

The singer’s grim desire was realised when she fell and injured her knee on the set of her ‘Outrageous’ music video – forcing her to pull the plug on the last two months of the ‘Onyx’ tour.

Even though Britney says she hated the gigs, her fans loved the tour – which was also critically acclaimed.

The shows – which were Britney’s fifth tour – featured nearly 24 of the performer’s greatest hits including ‘…Baby One More Time’ and ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’.