Britney Spears's mom responds after singer's scathing 22-minute voice memo

Britney Spears's mother, Lynne Spears, responded to the singer's shocking message and pleaded to meet "eye to eye, in private" with her daughter.

On Sunday night, Britney posted a raw 22-minute voice memo about her conservatorship and called it all a "set up." The superstar claimed a woman first "introduced the idea" of the legal hold to her father, Jamie Spears, "and my mom actually helped him follow through and made it all happen... There was no drugs in my system, no alcohol, nothing. It was pure abuse." The singer added at one point that she felt "more angry" with her mother than her father.

This certainly isn't the first time Britney has gone off on her family, or Lynne specifically, but it is the first time fans have listened to her speak about alleged conservatorship abuse since that heartbreaking hearing last year. It didn't take long for Lynne to publicly respond online where she, ironically, asked for the private get together.

"Britney, your whole life I have tried my best to support your dreams and wishes! And also, I have tried my best to help you out of hardships!" Lynne captioned a black and white photo of her with the "Toxic" singer. "I have never and will never turn my back on you! Your rejections to the countless times I have flown out and calls make me feel hopeless! I have tried everything."

Lynne professed her love for Britney but noted "this talk is for you and me only."

Britney did not respond to her mom — but she had plenty to say around the same time of that post about Elton John. Britney collaborated with the music legend for "Hold Me Closer," her first new song in six years that already reached No. 1. The singer called John "beautiful and kind on all levels" and said she's "honored" by "his awareness and acknowledgement, not by only my involvement with a song but by my struggles and what I've been through."

Britney had much kinder words for John than she had for her family.

In the now-deleted voice note posted to YouTube, Britney laid out how she ended up in the nearly 14-year conservatorship. "I literally spoke in a British accent to a doctor to prescribe my medication, and three days later, there was a SWAT team at my home," the singer claimed. In 2008, Britney was placed in an involuntary under a 5150 psychiatric hold. Paparazzi happened to be at the singer's home and captured her getting taken out on a gurney for the world to see. The entertainer claimed the whole thing was "premeditated."

Britney said she was upset with Lynne because of how her mom supposedly handled the media frenzy. "I heard when reporters would call her [Lynne] at the time and ask questions of what was going on, she would innocently hide in the house and she wouldn't speak up," Britney said. "It was always, like, 'I don’t know what to say. I just don't want to say the wrong thing. We're praying for her.'"

Britney didn't hold back when it came to her father, though. When she was forced into a mental health facility in 2019, the singer alleged Jamie threatened her.

"I remember my dad calling me on the phone, and I was crying, and I was like, 'Why are you guys doing this?'" she said. "And I just remember him saying 'You have to listen to the doctors, the doctors are gonna tell you what to do, I can't help you now... You don't have to go. But if you don't go, we're gonna go to court and there'll be a big trial and you're gonna lose. I have way more people on my side than you. You don't even have a lawyer. So don't even think of that."

Britney added, "They put me in an ignorant state of mind to make me feel like I needed them."

Yahoo Entertainment reached out to Jamie's lawyer for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

"They literally killed me. They threw me away. That's what I felt like. My family threw me away," Britney added.

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