Britney Spears no longer represented by attorney who ended 13 year conservatorship

Britney Spears is no longer represented by the attorney who helped her out of her 13-year conservatorship.

The 'Toxic' hitmaker hand-picked lawyer Mathew Rosengart in July 2021 as she looked to bring an end to the conservatorship, which he achieved in just four months when Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny granted the petition in November 2021.

He remained Britney's attorney over the past three years to tie up legal loose ends, but he has now confirmed he isn't representing her anymore.

In a statement, he told The Hollywood Reporter: "It has been an honour to serve as Britney’s litigator, to work with her to achieve her goals in obtaining the court-ordered suspension of her former conservator, followed by restoring her fundamental rights and civil liberties, while continuing to protect her and more recently to extricate her from all outstanding litigation and the byzantine probate court proceedings.

"As I’ve always said, the credit goes to Britney."

In a previous statement in April, he explained that there is no active litigation at this time.

He said: "As she desired, her freedom now includes that she will no longer need to attend or be involved with court or entangled with legal proceedings in this matter."

Last month, the 42-year-old singer heaped praise on the former federal prosecutor for helping her through a chaotic night at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, which left her with a twisted ankle.

Sharing a photo of him on Instagram, she wrote at the time: "This man is wonderful! He's like a father to me and he got me through last night! I adore you and admire you mister Mathew!"

In response Mathew admitted he was "very flattered" by the sentiment.

He said to "I was surprised and very flattered by the post, and the feelings are mutual."