Britney Spears Opens Up About Recent Terrifying Near-Death Experience

Britney Spears is finally returning to the airwaves with her new album set for release on Friday, but the star has now revealed that the record almost didn’t come out after she suffered a terrifying near-death experience just last month.

Thank goodness she is okay.

Speaking to Scott Mills for his BBC Radio 1 show, the mum-of-two revealed that she was swimming in the sea in Hawaii when she was dragged under huge “six-foot waves”.

She explained: “I went out and I thought it was like a wave pool, and I was like, ‘This is so nice and refreshing and just ­beautiful.’

"But the thing I didn’t think about is when you come back, the waves really come in hard. I got sucked under for like five minutes.

"I almost drowned, and I’m like, 'Where is my security? They’re just going to let me die here.’

"And then I came in again and another wave took me under.”

Absolutely horrifying.

Thankfully the star managed to escape the incident completely unscathed and is looking forward to the release of “Glory” this weekend, telling Scott that the album is “her baby” after working on it for almost two years.

We can’t wait to give it a listen!