Britney Spears pokes fun at Jamie Lynn Spears's stint on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Britney Spears has poked fun at her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears's appearance on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

The pop star made fun of the Zoey 101 actress as she recorded a video while riding in a car with her assistant and two other people.

In the clip, which was posted to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Britney asked the people in the car if they had ever been camping.

She then said in a mock British accent, "My sister did on a TV show and they bathed her in the jungle, lil s**t. She said, 'Bathe me 'cause I'm stuck in the jungle and I miss my kids, oh cater to me.' Little b**ch."

Her comments refer to a moment on the reality show when Jamie Lynn was offered a bath by her campmates after crying about missing her daughters Maddie, 15, and Ivey, five. The Sweet Magnolias star withdrew from the show after 10 days "on medical grounds" in November last year.

In the video, Britney considered what she would be like in the Australian jungle, joking that she'd be "peeing in the bushes" as others warned her about getting a "vagina rash".

She quipped, "Don't do that Britney, you're going to get hurt. You're going to get a baby booty rash. I've got to go get ointment for her booty."

Over the top of the clip, the Toxic hitmaker wrote, "(I) wanna be a little b**ch and get a bath in the jungle like my sis."

Britney deleted the video shortly after posting it on her Instagram Stories, however, it has been reshared by fans on social media.

The 41-year-old has had a difficult relationship with her family as a result of the conservatorship she was under between 2008 and November 2021.

After publicly blasting Jamie Lynn multiple times on social media, the sisters appeared to bury the hatchet when Britney visited Jamie Lynn on the set of her Paramount+ film Zoey 102 in June last year.