Britney Spears says love is 'not all peaches and cream'

Britney Spears has opened up about her thoughts on love credit:Bang Showbiz
Britney Spears has opened up about her thoughts on love credit:Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears has looked back on her failed marriage to Sam Asghari and admitted love isn't all "peaches and cream".

The 42-year-old pop superstar split from second husband Sam last year after just 14 months of marriage and she has admitted it's tough to look back on the relationship, but she wants to examine her past so she doesn't "make the same mistakes" all over again as she looks to the future.

She shared a video on Instagram of Sam twirling her around, and she wrote: "The time he picked me up … It’s weird cause there are always strange turns for relationships with friends family or your loved ones in the [rollercoaster] of any journey you’re on with someone.

Looking back is hard sometimes but it’s honestly crucial … I’m honestly too sensitive in most situations.

"I speak about my past sometimes because I want to protect myself from the same mistakes as before !!!"

Britney - who was previously married to Kevin Federline - went on to mull over her own feelings about love, writing: "Sometimes I’m scared to feel anything cause I know I’m too sensitive … being numb is the worst I think but there’s safety in that cause I feel like I’m subconsciously protecting myself from feeling any importance at all !!! It’s tricky cause that’s what people can take advantage of. We are such complicated sensitive people.

"I feel like I trusted people more [when I was younger] and I hadn’t experienced the cruelness of the world yet."

The 'Toxic' star added that she misses being in a relationship, but has to acknowledge that love isn't always easy.

She added: "I miss being vulnerable and open with people. If you know me, you know how I love … I love too much it’s embarrassing and I will love you for life !!! That’s a trait I want to try and keep but it’s not all peaches and cream as they say ...

"I used to be told all the time by someone I truly loved that there is no looking at that face of yours. My hopes in sharing is that by remembering that I can try and understand why I never feel good enough and to know it’s ok to get inside my brain try to figure it out ...

"Honestly there is an all knowing spiritual eye that knows the truth and triggers to why we do things as people. It’s important to go in there and figure it out yourself !!!"