Britney Spears 'Super Fan' Has Special Request for City of Manhattan Beach

A concerned citizen took to the podium at a Manhattan Beach City Council meeting on April 30 to discuss how the city could help make Britney Spears “stoked again.”

Footage streamed by the council shows Chad Kroeger (a character played by comedian Tom Allen) stand in front of the committee to talk about the difficult time Britney went through recently.

He suggested the city should rename its water treatment center the “Britney Spears Toxic Water Center” to pay “homage” to the star, who was his teenage crush.

He explained to the council that the name would be a nod to her hit single Toxic, before his “associate” (played by John Parr) took to the stand to sing a rendition of the song.

The council thanked both men for their participation, but whether the water treatment center will be renamed remains unclear. Credit: Manhattan Beach City Council via Storyful