Brits decide on perfect tea colour and admit they'd give up sex for popular brew

Man holding a cup of tea in two hands, in a spotty mug.
From football to friends, people place tea above a surprising number of things -Credit:Getty

A new study has found the perfect colour of tea that Brits strive for when making a tasty brew.

Today is International Tea Day (May 21) and people across the UK claimed they'd even give up sex to have a good old cuppa, reports Bristol Live.

The research conducted by Paddy Power Bingo found people would give up sex, watching sport, social media, a night out and even their partner than never have a brew again.

A third of Brits stated a biscuit brown is the perfect colour they aim for when making a cup of tea.

Paddy Power Bingo spokesperson Rachael Kane said: "If there’s one thing Brits take seriously, it’s a cuppa, but we’re surprised to see 4 million Brits would give up sex before giving up their beloved brew.

"The debate about what shade the perfect cup of tea is has been rumbling on for years and years, so it’s about time we settled this. Our research gives the answer we’ve been searching for – biscuit brown."

The study also showed a light brown and one darker than the most popular colour are tied for second place, with 18 per cent of Brits choosing these colours.

A really light brown colour is nine per cent of people's choices for their tea, with six per cent of Brits choosing a much darker brown colour.

Check out the differing colours of teas below and the rest of the report by Paddy Power Bingo:

Tea colours.
Paddy Power has shared this tea colour chart -Credit:Paddy Power



% of people who believe this is the perfect cup of tea



33 per cent



18 per cent



18 per cent



Nine per cent



Six per cent



Five per cent



Five per cent



Four per cent



Two per cent

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