What do Brits really think about Prime Minister Theresa May?

Theresa May is seen by a majority of Brits as the new ‘Iron Lady’ – taking over the mantel from Margaret Thatcher.

Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed for a YouGov poll found that Mrs May is most similar to the first female Prime Minister, while 31% said they were different.

The comparison is no bad thing – recent research found that 43% of Brits describing Mrs Thatcher as a good or great PM.

Theresa May is compared favourably to Margaret Thatcher (Rex)
Theresa May is compared favourably to Margaret Thatcher (Rex)

It may be quick to dismiss the similarities – both are female leaders of the Conservative parry and the only two women who have led the country – but the public believe the two also share similar qualities.

The YouGov research found that a majority of Brits (56%) found Mrs May decisive and has what it takes to get things done, while 44% also found her to be good in a crisis.

The results are a stark difference from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who still remains deeply unpopular with the public.

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Numerous polls have shows Mrs May beating Mr Corbyn on who would make the best Prime Minister by huge margins – as well as a consistent poll lead for the Tories.

However, YouGov polling suggests a change in Labour leader could even things up a little.

Mrs May’s strengths (47%) are seen as what make her the best PM – but nearly the same figure (46%) believe Mr Corbyn’s weaknesses are to blame.

With Mr Corbyn unpopular with the party’s own supporters, a change of leader could see grudging support for Mrs May drift back to a more popular person at the head of Labour.

With Brexit set to dominate the next few years of the political cycle, Mrs May’s future decisions and a volatile political landscape could see her fortunes change quickly.

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