Brits in Spain warned over 'list of foreign residents' as country 'reaches limit'

Girona, Spain
Girona, Spain -Credit:Getty Images

UK holidaymakers travelling to Spain have been warned about a 'list of foreign residents' proposition causing anxiety among British expats. Protestors in the Spanish city, Girona, which is grappling with "over tourism", have called for the creation of a register of foreign names causing global concern.

Anti-tourism activists in Girona have proposed this register's creation to track the number of foreign nationals in the area, as reported by Catalan News, a local news site. Activists argue that tourism in Girona has reached a 'tipping point'.

A Twitter user remarked: "Far right nationalism in Girona. Looks like populism is taking a hold even in traditionally left leaning liberal areas." Another retorted: "List of foreign residents? What has that got to do w tourism?"

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A third said: "The Spanish Government already has plenty of departments with just such lists, the principle among which would be Agencia Estatal de Administracion Tributaria, to which the Generalitat has access. Nonsense political manoeuvring," reports Birmingham Live.

One traveller commented: "Scratch Girona from my list of places to visit." Activists are cementing their demands with a manifesto, barraging public administrations with urgent measures as "it is already too late," and insisting Girona and its urban areas have "reached the limit."

Increased patrols are set to track down unlawful holiday lets, and a registry of all foreign inhabitants in Girona is being proposed. The group warns against the formation of "elitist ghetto areas", which they believe displace local residents.

"The tourist monoculture has been good business for a few, but a death sentence for the locals," they stress. Jordi Mateu, a representative of the organisation, also expressed concern over what he referred to as the "mass" influx of expats.