Brits in Spain warned over 'list of foreign names' as country 'reaches limit'

UK tourists in Spain have been warned over a "list of foreign residents" being created. Expats in Britain have been left frantic with worry and panic over calls in a Spanish city to create a register of foreign names, amid increasing tensions and protests over "overtourism".

Mass tourism activists in Girona have laid out the plans for the register and record of foreign nationals. According to Catalan News, an local news site, the activists believe Girona has reached its 'limit' in terms of tourist numbers.

A Twitter/X user said: "Far right nationalism in Girona. Looks like populism is taking a hold even in traditionally left leaning liberal areas." A second sniped: "List of foreign residents? What has that got to do w tourism? Sounds a bit fascist to me."

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A third typed: "The Spanish Government already has plenty of departments with just such lists, the principle among which would be Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, to which the Generalitat has access. Nonsense political maneuvering."

Another said: "Scratch Girona from my list of places to visit. “Show us your papers” is not my idea of a good time." The organization’s manifesto intends to make their voices heard and pressure public administrations to implement urgent measures, as "it is already too late," and Girona and its urban area have "reached the limit."

They propose increasing the number of patrols to find illegal tourist apartments or creating a list of all foreign residents living in Girona. The organization warns that one of the major problems Girona has is the creation of "elitist ghetto areas" that force out locals.

"The tourist monoculture has been good business for a few, but a death sentence for the locals," they say. And spokesperson Jordi Mateu also spoke out, to criticise what he described as the "mass" arrival of expats.