Brits want to try food from the Philippines, Brazil and Vietnam most

Food from the Philippines, Brazil and Vietnam have topped a list of the 20 international cuisines Brits are keen to try. Sri Lankan, Scandinavian and South Korean feasts were also included in the list of the most-desired international dishes. A poll of 2,000 adults found on average, adults cook seven different foreign cuisines at home each year. And eight in 10 consider themselves ‘adventurous’ with their eating. Of more familiar foods, Greek, Indian, Spanish and Japanese featured in the top 20 most loved plates - with Gen Z tucking into sushi multiple times each month. With 43 per cent of the younger generation who have made international dishes before having sought inspiration from social media. The study, commissioned by Jongga, found over half (54 per cent) of adults want to travel more, to experience authentic international foods from different countries. But 27 per cent find it hard to get enough time off work, while 17 per cent don’t have anyone to go with. The biggest problem however, shared by 54 per cent, is finding the spare money during the cost-of-living crisis and this rises to almost two thirds (62 per cent) for Gen Zs. Jennifer Lee, head of Global Food Business Unit, Daesang at Jongga, said: "When you see the data and globetrotting nature of the nation's tastebuds, it is impressive. “Unfortunately for many, the current financial climate means it can be tricky to jet away and try as many international cuisines as they’d like. “Fortunately for them, many UK supermarkets – not to mention specialist shops – sell ingredients that in the past you’d have had to travel thousands of miles to find.” The research found more than one in five adults (21 per cent) would want to try Kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented food – or try it again if they’ve already had a go. And Gen Z are most likely to eat it – with 29 per cent tucking in at least once every two weeks. Exactly a third would travel to another country to experience more authentic international cuisine – most true of Gen Z and Millennials. Around four in 10 (38 per cent) admit to being impressed when they find authentic international food in the UK. And a quarter (25 per cent) prefer other cuisines to traditional English foods like a roast dinner or fish and chips, according to the figures. When people go abroad, the number one thing they love doing is taking a tour of the local areas (47 per cent) – followed by eating in local-recommended restaurants (45 per cent). Just over four in 10 (41 per cent) like finding hidden spots such as lakes, fields or beaches, and 36 per cent enjoy sampling local wines or beers. Knowing travel may be off the agenda for many Brits, Jongga is bringing a slice of Seoul to the UK, with a free, three-week pop-up, launching on Saturday 16 September in Covent Garden, London []. Jennifer Lee added: “Trying new foods is one of the most exciting parts about being away, and a key driver for travel. “It’s fun to be able to tell people that you’ve eaten something they may have never even heard of, let alone tried in the past. “Seoul’s food and flavours attract many to the city every year, and it was interesting to note that almost a quarter of the UK population wanted to try Kimchi or try it again if they’ve already sampled it. “It’s all about being adventurous – if you’re not sure, just close your eyes, hold your breath and give it a try – you might find a new favourite.” TOP 20 CUISINES BRITS WANT TO TRY: 1. Filipino 2. Brazilian 3. Vietnamese 4. Sri Lankan 5. Scandinavian 6. Caribbean 7. South Korean 8. African 9. Malaysian 10. Israeli 11. Lebanese 12. Australian 13. Polish 14. Ukraine 15. Moroccan 16. Turkish 17. Russian 18. Japanese 19. German 20. Thai TOP 20 FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL CUISINES: 1. Italian 2. Chinese 3. Indian 4. Mexican 5. Spanish 6. Greek 7. American 8. Thai 9. French 10. Japanese 11. Turkish 12. Caribbean 13. Moroccan 14. German 15. Vietnamese 16. Lebanese 17. Malaysian 18. South Korean 19. African 20. Brazilian