Brittany Mahomes Says Daughter Sterling 'Pays Attention' to Patrick at Chiefs Games: 'Very Special' (Exclusive)

The Kansas City Current co-owner tells PEOPLE how she carefully tackles her kids' food allergies

<p>Courtesy of Kaléo</p> Brittany Mahomes with son Bronze and daughter Sterling

Courtesy of Kaléo

Brittany Mahomes with son Bronze and daughter Sterling

Brittany Mahomes is serious about staying on top of her kids' health amid her family's busy lifestyle.

Speaking with PEOPLE about her partnership with Kaléo — a privately-held pharmaceutical company in support of AUVI-q® (epinephrine injection, USP), the first and only FDA-approved epinephrine auto-injector for infants and toddlers 16.5 to 33 pounds — the mom of two opens up about protecting son Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, 14 months, and daughter Sterling Skye, 2½.

Both of Brittany's children with husband Patrick Mahomes live with food allergies, which means it's important for everyone around them to be on high alert.

"We're on the go a lot and we have a lot of people around us, so my main focus is to make sure everyone around us is aware of our kids' allergies and they understand how to use our AUVI-q," Brittany tells PEOPLE. "We carry our AUVI-q with us at all times that our kids are with us, so we just make sure everyone around us is aware of the situation, they're comfortable using that."

The mom of two says her little ones are "very attached to me," which makes keeping an eye on them easier.

"I have my eyes on them all the time at games, but it's very special to have them there, to support their dad."

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<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty</p> Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes

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Though Sterling started out shy on game days, the toddler is blossoming as she grows up.

"My oldest daughter, she can finally kind of realize what's going on and where she's at, and she loves to watch her dad play football. She can see him from a mile away and pays attention and keeps up with what's going on with him," the proud mom shares.

"She truly enjoys going down to the field and getting to see him before the game. I think it's a very special moment wherever I get to bring them to the game and they get to watch their dad play football."

<p>Brittany Mahomes/Instagram</p> Brittany Mahomes brings Bronze and Sterling to sidelines to see Patrick Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Brittany Mahomes brings Bronze and Sterling to sidelines to see Patrick Mahomes

The family is in the thick of playoffs, but Brittany says Bronze and Sterling's achievements excite them more than on-field action.

"My daughter is getting a personality, so she is able to communicate a lot more things than she has, in the past, like how she's feeling. Seeing her blossom into a little girl who can express her emotions, that type of stuff has been the cutest thing in the world."

As for their 14-month-old, he's getting a grasp on walking. "We have been trying to get him to walk for quite some time now, so he's getting there. He's almost there. He's taken a few steps on his own, but he's not fully walking all the way just yet."

<p>Courtesy of Kaléo</p> Brittany and Sterling Mahomes watch Bronze

Courtesy of Kaléo

Brittany and Sterling Mahomes watch Bronze

Brittany is hopeful sharing her kids' experiences with allergies and how she manages them as a busy mom will help other families feel more confident in tackling their children's allergies.

"Just say be confident. I think my main message here with AUVI-q is to express my concerns about food allergies and get the message out there that they are becoming common and it is normal. I think moms out there just need to be confident in advocating for their kids and never ever, ever feel guilty for speaking up for your kids' safety," she says.

"I think as a mom, you get a little mom guilt here and there, but at the end of the day, your kids are your main priority and your main motivation. Keeping them safe in my main goal."

<p>Courtesy of Kaléo</p> Brittany Mahomes showing AUVI-q injectors in her backpack

Courtesy of Kaléo

Brittany Mahomes showing AUVI-q injectors in her backpack

The AUVI-q's ability to verbally guide the user through proper use also helps keeps the Mahomes' minds at ease, in the event they aren't nearby when something occurs.

"It speaks to you in a very calm voice and can take you through how to use it and what to do, so that's also reassuring. If someone is there and they're not really confident in what they're doing, that the AUVI-q will make you feel confident. With that, our main thing is just letting everybody know, being aware and always really keeping my eyes on my kids at all times."

Allergic reactions can look different in different children, a lesson Brittany has learned in her own experience as a mom.

<p>Courtesy of Kaléo</p> Brittany Mahomes holds son Bronze as daughter Sterling smiles at the camera

Courtesy of Kaléo

Brittany Mahomes holds son Bronze as daughter Sterling smiles at the camera

"Every kid is different. The reaction can vary from kid to kid and from age to age. So in infants and toddlers, it can be completely different from a teenager or an adult," she explains.

"My oldest daughter had a reaction to milk, and her reaction was completely different from what Bronze had," Brittany says. "Being aware that everything can look different and knowing that ultimately, as a mom, knowing that you know your kid and you know if something is wrong with them is important. And if you ever are unsure or have any doubts, take your kiddo to the emergency room as soon as possible."

Brittany and Patrick have made sure that from family to their nanny, "anyone that we have in our household has to know what the kids are allergic to and what happens if there was to be a reaction."

<p>Brittany Mahomes/Instagram</p> Brittany Mahomes with son Bronze and daughter Sterling at Chief's game

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Brittany Mahomes with son Bronze and daughter Sterling at Chief's game

Though there is still more football to go, the Mahomes family is also looking forward to the quiet days of the off-season ahead.

February brings a big birthday, with Sterling turning 3. "I can't believe it!" the proud mom raves. "We're planning a pretty big birthday for her with our friends and family back in Texas. We're super excited."

Whether it's birthday parties or football games, Brittany is grateful to have peace of mind with AUVI-q always on hand. "I'm very proud to partner with this company. They make us feel safe and confident in life as we take on these food allergies."

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