Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift's strong friendship

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift talk "all the time".

Brittany's mother-in-law Randi Mahomes says it has been lovely to see their bond grow since Taylor, 34, started dating Travis Kelce, Brittany's husband Patrick Mahomes' teammate at the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gushing about their friendship, she told the New York Post's Page Six: "It’s hard at this point to meet people that are true and real and they kind of found each other. They really, I mean, talk all the time and they’re like, really good friends."

And Randi is thrilled that Taylor's appearances at Travis' games have increased young girls' interest in the NFL.

She said: "It’s so exciting! I love it because, you know, I hear all the bad noise about it and I’m like this is bringing fathers together with their daughters, like I see that at games.

“I meet so many little girls at the games with their dads. And it’s like, this is bringing families together when Sundays would be dad’s day to watch football or go to the game and now they are at the airport bringing their little girls or their kids with them.”

Randi has also spent time with Taylor but admitted one thing about the singer surprised her.

She said: "I wasn’t expecting her to be so tall! I wasn’t expecting to go up to her and go, ‘Wow, you’re so tall!'”

Patrick, 28, and Travis, 34, have been friends and teammates for years and Randi says dating superstar has not changed Kelce.

She said: "He is the funnest guy. He is still like the coolest dude. It’s made it a lot of fun. It’s made it interesting and exciting, even for me!”