Brooke Vincent admits she can't do Strictly after ex Corrie star Ellie Leach's success

Brooke Vincent admitted she wouldn't do Strictly because she said she would "embarrass herself" after ex Corrie star Ellie Leach won the show.

Video transcript

- Do you know who was sitting there not so long ago? Your cousin, Ellie Leach, after winning "Strictly."

BROOKE VINCENT: Oh, bless her.


BROOKE VINCENT: She's cute, isn't she?

- We love her.

BROOKE VINCENT: She's really good. I'm actually seeing her tonight, and then she's going to London. She's going to move to London for a little bit. So I'm like, oh, it's like she's gone off to uni.


And we've come to see her.

- Would you ever do "Strictly"?

BROOKE VINCENT: Oh, god, no, I can't now, can I, after she won? I'd be like [INAUDIBLE].


BROOKE VINCENT: I'd be like the failure.

- Yeah, Christmas would be awkward.

BROOKE VINCENT: But, yeah, she just did amazing. It's amazing to watch.