Brooklyn Beckham destroyed on Twitter after photos from his new book emerge

Brooklyn Beckham has made it very clear that he sees a future for himself in photography.

He even had a camera tattooed on his arm.

But that doesn’t mean that he’s actually very good behind a lens – at least, that’s what many people on Twitter believe.

Brroklyn Beckham
Photo: Rex

The 18-year-old has had the royal p*** taken out of him after some photographs from his upcoming book, What I See, began circulating on Twitter.

But as if poking fun at his apparent lack of photographic skills wasn’t enough, many people have found his musings, or captions of said photos, hysterical.

Poor Brooklyn.

When one Twitter user shared a snap of a shadowy elephant and a blurry dinner scene from Brooklyn’s book – the Twitterverse did not hold back.

‘Huge fan of Brooklyn Beckham’s terrible photographs and even worse captions,’ Twitter user @alicevjones captioned the aforementioned snaps.

Brooklyn’s caption of his elephant photo read: ‘elephants in kenya

‘so hard to photograph but incredible to see.’

While his blurry dinner scene read: ‘dinner. I like this picture – it’s out of focus but you can tell there’s a lot going on.’

Cue a multitude of responses absolutely destroying what Brooklyn has probably worked quite hard on – in-between his skateboarding, social appearances and fancy holidays, of course.

One user commented: ‘How is an elephant hard to photograph? They’re bloody massive.’

While another said: ‘I’m going to publish pictures of my used toilet paper, pressed together to make patterns. Ty Brooklyn, inspired!’

And another snarked: ‘I need him to become a chef next. ‘It’s burnt and tastes like s*** but the ingredients are all in there’.

Another Twitter user sarcastically replied: ‘Ah, the elusive elephant. Large, mostly static animals are truly the most challenging to capture on film.’

While someone else blamed his book on nepotism: ‘The sad, inevitable and predictable “coz my parents are famous” deal. Shortly available alongside Dad’s aftershave in the bargain bin’.


Maybe the rest of the book will be better received…

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