Brunswick’s battle with the booze

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Just how bad has the drinking culture become at top City PR firms? Bad enough to hold a discussion on the issue, it would appear, at least for Brunswick.


The firm summoned a group of experienced drinkers, or as they put it, a “panel of Brunswick experts” to explore “the rewards and risks of drinking.”


“Should you leave the pub to let younger colleagues enjoy themselves—or hang around to make sure nothing bad happens?” asked one concerned staffer.


But “if you feel the need to ration alcohol, the problem may be rooted in the underlying culture,” another Brunswick employee mused.


The discussion also unveiled the razor-sharp analysis that makes these firms worth the money.


“Millions of people across the planet enjoy alcohol,” said one ‘expert’, to an astonished audience.


“Walk around London after 5 on a sunny Thursday afternoon and people are standing outside pubs,” was another searing insight offered.


“It’s hard to track the benefits of a Christmas party socially,” said a third ‘expert’, presumably eyeing a new consulting opportunity.


Spy needs a drink.

 (Evening Standard)
(Evening Standard)

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