Bubble’s New Exfoliating Serum Is Gentle Enough for Sensitive Skin

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Bubble.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Bubble.

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Do the harsh winter months have your skin feeling a little dull and lackluster, but retinoids and exfoliants are too irritating for your skin? TikTok-loved skincare brand Bubble has you covered with two new budget-friendly serums suitable for most skin types (including sensitive ones). Bubble’s two new serums will help round out your entire skincare routine, whether you’re a minimalist or adhere to a multi-step daily regimen. The brand’s new launches include Water Slide. This ultra-moisturizing serum not only draws more water into your skin but also helps to repair your skin barrier, and our favorite, Moon Walk, super gentle exfoliating serum to help improve the look of pores and hyperpigmentation without causing irritation or stripping the skin.

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Moon Walk is infused with many active ingredients to help expedite cell turnover and slough off dead skin, including Lactic and Glycolic acid. The gentle formula will help reduce the look of enlarged pores, remove dry patches, and even help soften the appearance of fine lines without the side effects of a harsher exfoliant or retinol product. Whether you’re new to exfoliation or just looking for a milder alternative to more potent formulas, Bubble’s new serum will not disappoint.

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