Buck Freed After Getting Stuck in Garage of Arkansas Home

A deer was freed by animal control after it got stuck in a woman’s garage in Benton, Arkansas, officials said.

Benton Animal Control responded to a call saying the buck had got its antlers stuck in some shelves.

Video from the City of Benton shows Benton Animal Control employee Joseph Mills grabbing the deer’s antler and freeing it from the shelving unit.

The deer stands motionless for a while, the video shows. But, the city said, it eventually “ran off relatively unharmed”. Credit: The City of Benton via Storyful

Video transcript



- Oh!

JOSEPH MILLS: Hold on. Are you serious, dude? All right, look out, he's [INAUDIBLE].

- It's OK.

JOSEPH MILLS: Moose, get out of there.

- He's probably brain drained, give him a minute.

JOSEPH MILLS: Let him get his wits about him.

- Give him a minute.


Poor guy.

JOSEPH MILLS: Better run before somebody with a scope sees you.

- He's, give him a minute!

JOSEPH MILLS: Yeah, yeah. I'm letting him get his wits about him.

- It's OK, baby.

JOSEPH MILLS: He's just a little off.

- I would be too, if I end up like that. You're drunk, go home.