Budget 2021: Voters endorse Rishi Sunak's plans and back chancellor's handling of economy - poll

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Voters have endorsed Rishi Sunak's budget and continue to back his handling of the economy, a new poll for Sky News has revealed.

Boris Johnson and Mr Sunak hold a 15 point lead, 40% to 25%, over Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves on who is best at managing the economy.

The snap poll, conducted by Opinium, found in every case, more people thought the policies announced were a good idea rather than a bad idea, except for the plan to increase foreign aid back to 0.7%.

By quite some margin, increasing the minimum wage was seen as being the best idea, alongside changes to the Universal Credit taper rate.

When taken as a package, 39% approve of the budget with 21% disapproving.

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These numbers are good, although not as good as the 52% who approved of the March budget, when just 12% disapproved.

Similarly 38% think it's fair, compared to 30% who think it is unfair.

The positive verdict comes despite only 18% thinking it will have a positive impact on their finances, while 28% think it will have a negative impact.

A total of 46% think it will make no difference either way.

The proportion of people who think budget measures were a good idea:
• 79% Increasing minimum wage
• 63% Decreasing Universal Credit "taper"
• 59% Funding for new parents
• 58% Reforming alcohol duty
• 55% Freezing fuel duty
• 53% Cutting business rates for hospitality and retail
• 52% Increasing passenger duty on long-haul flights
• 43% Cutting fuel duty on domestic flights
• 34% Bring back 0.7% foreign aid commitment

Opinium interviewed 1,529 people after the budget on Wednesday and Thursday.

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