Budget supermarket beans branded 'better than Heinz' by taste testers - and they're just 42p

Rows of tins of baked beans in tomato sauce on display in a supermarket as food manufacturer Heinz removes some of the country's favourites from Tesco following an ongoing dispute over price increases on 3rd July, 2022 in Leeds, United Kingdom. With customers across the country feeling the financial pressures of the cost of living crisis, Tesco said it would not pass on price increases that it called unjustifiable. (photo by Daniel Harvey Gonzalez/In Pictures via Getty Images)
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A devoted Heinz baked bean enthusiast has admitted he would "definitely" think about switching to a cheaper alternative after taking part in a blind taste test.

On tonight's episode of Supermarket Own-Brands: The Big Taste Test, three judges are tasked with the challenge of tasting and comparing baked beans from brands like Aldi, Marks and Spencer, and Heinz.

During a sequence titled, Own Brands vs Super Brands, the economically priced variety managed to impress all three participants, who showed a preference for the budget beans over the acclaimed Heinz ones.

Before the taste test commenced, each judge confessed their loyalty to Heinz, with remarks such as: "We are usually Heinz baked beans at home". Additionally, one said: "We are Heinz all the way."

Simultaneously, another tester recognised: "Heinz is obviously like your staple bean," according to the Manchester Evening News.

M&S' beans were viewed by one participant as tangier and a bit smokier
M&S' beans were viewed by one participant as "tangier" and a "bit smokier" -Credit:Ocado

The testing began with Aldi's Bramwells beans where one judge commented they were "not too sweet" and had the "right balance of everything".

They went on say that the tomatoes shone through without being too sugary, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Another judge confessed that she "quite liked it" although there was an expectation that some might deem it "bland" due to its not being overly sweet or salty, but overall found it had the "perfect balance".

The final tester was undoubtedly impressed, remarking that they "really liked it" and felt it was "very balanced". They went on to say that the beans tasted better than their usual low-sugar Heinz beans.

Opinions were divided on the M&S beans served in bowl B, which were labelled as "tangier" and somewhat "bit smokier" by one person, while another suggested they seemed to have "more additives".

The third taste tester openly expressed a penchant for them, despite a "more intense" flavour profile.

Heinz's offering did not go unnoticed, hailed as a "really good bean", however comments also noted they were "much more thicker" and carried "a bit of a tang".

While one individual enjoyed the tanginess "in a good way", another remarked that the taste appeared to be "losing a bit of the flavour" after some time.

Against the odds, all three testers crowned Aldi's Bramwells beans as the top pick, before being informed of its cost a mere 42p, almost £1 cheaper than the Heinz alternative at £1.40.

It was also highlighted that bean prices soared by 41 per cent last year, an increase Heinz justifies with rising costs of tomatoes. Yet, it seems a budget option has charmed our panel.

One tester lavished praise on the Aldi variety, asserting: "In the current Manning Aldi is using savvy marketing. climate, that is a great substitute... and it's definitely one we'll be adding to our shopping list going forward."