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Buffalo mass shooting – live: Biden to visit grieving community as suspect’s family blames Covid paranoia

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Ten people are dead and a suspect is in custody after a gunman with a rifle and body armour opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York on 14 May, believed to be one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history, and the deadliest mass shooting in the US in 2022.

The shooting took place at Tops Friendly Market in the 1200 block of Jefferson Avenue in the state’s second-largest city, in a predominantly Black neighbourhood that authorities believe the suspect had specifically targeted. Thirteen people in total were shot. Among the victims, 11 were Black.

Close-up shots from a video of Saturday’s attack, which police say was filmed by the gunman himself, show the N-word and the number 14 — a known white supremacist code — written on the barrel of the gun in white paint.

A “manifesto” has been found online, connected to the 18-year-old suspect Payton Gendron, that references racist and white nationalist tropes and far-right conspiracy theories.

President Joe Biden will visit Buffalo on Tuesday to “grieve” with the community.

Key Points

  • Suspect gunman planned killing ‘more Black people’, authorities say

  • What we know so far about the Buffalo mass shooting

  • Tributes honour Black community leaders killed in massacre

  • Gunman in Buffalo mass shooting had racial slur and neo-Nazi code written on rifle, video shows

  • Biden condemns white supremacist hate ‘stain on the soul’ of US

Tops thanks community, announces resources for locals

07:01 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: In a statement on Monday, Tops Friendly Markets thanked members of the local community and law enforcement for their efforts over the weekend, when 10 people were shot dead and three others wounded by a gunman.

The chain, who said the tragedy will not change its commitment to the predominantly Black neighbourhood around the store where the shooting happened, also announced a series of iniaitives to help locals

A shuttle bus bill run to the nearest Tops store, the company said, and food and supplies will also be made available via the city’s Resource Council, a charity.

The Jefferson Avenue Tops supermarket is expected to remain closed “until further notice” as the investigation into the deadly shooting continues.

White supremacist symbols on gun, video shows

06:02 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: The gunman accused of killing 10 people in a racially-motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, New York on Saturday appeared to have racist slogans daubed on his weapon.

A video appeared to show the suspect, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, with the N-word and the number 14 — a known white supremacist code — written on the barrel of the gun in white paint.

A government official said “14” refers to a 14-word statement that is popular with white supremacists, according to Buffalo News.

Mr Gendron has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges.

Read the full story here:

Gunman in Buffalo mass shooting appeared to have racial slur written on his rifle

‘He had plans to continue his attack’, say police

05:01 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: Payton Gendron, the Buffalo shooting suspect, would have continued shooting “more Black people” following the attack on a supermarket, police have reportedly said.

Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told ABC News on Monday that Mr Gendron, 18, could have continued shooting in the area around the Tops supermarket on Saturday, where 10 people were shot dead.

Three others were wounded in the attack, and according to police 11 of his alleged victims were Black. Authorities have described the shooting as a racially motivated hate crime.

“We have uncovered information that if he escaped the [Tops] supermarket, he had plans to continue his attack,” Mr Gramaglia said. “He had plans to continue driving down Jefferson Ave to shoot more Black people ... possibly go to another store [or] location.”

Read the full story here:

Buffalo gunman planned to shoot ‘more Black people’, police say

Liz Cheney calls out GOP for enabling white nationalism

04:04 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney has called out her own party on the issue of white nationalism after Saturday’s shooting in Buffalo, and others across the United States this weekend.

She tweeted: “The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse. GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.”

It comes after New York governor described the 18-year-old Buffalo gunman as a “white supremacist” following revelations about his beliefs and past history, as well as apparent white supremacist motives.

Republicans have staunchly defended gun rights in spite of previous mass shootings, and some in Congress have been accused of furthering white nationalist rhetoric.

New White House press secretary pushes back on Fox question over Biden trip to Buffalo but not other scenes of attacks

03:11 , Graeme Massie

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to engage with a query from a Fox News correspondent who asked why President Joe Biden was able to visit Buffalo to comfort victims of a white supremacist mass shooting which took place there over the weekend but not other disaster-stricken communities.

Andrew Feinberg has the details.

New White House press sec’y pushes back on Fox question over Biden Buffalo trip

The problem with Biden’s speech about the Buffalo shooter

02:05 , Graeme Massie

I don’t want to unite with people that want me dead, writes Michael Arceneaux.

The big problem with Biden’s speech about the Buffalo shooter

Inside the data that debunks the ‘Great Replacement’ theory

01:15 , Graeme Massie

Versions of the conspiracy theory have existed for decades or even centuries – but the data doesn’t support the claims, writes Andrew Buncombe.

Inside the data that debunks the ‘Great Replacement’ theory

Schumer accuses ‘MAGA Republicans and cable news pundits’ of spreading ‘echoes’ of Buffalo shooter’s ideology

Tuesday 17 May 2022 00:05 , Graeme Massie

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the chorus of voices accusing the right of spreading the same ideology as the shooters in Buffalo, Christchurch, El Paso and other attacks motivated by the racist “White Replacement Theory” belief.

Speaking on the floor of the US Senate on Monday, Mr Schumer excoriated conservatives for spreading what he said were “echoes” of the same ravings that the suspect in the mass shooting that occurred over the weekend in Buffalo espoused in a lengthy manifesto posted online before the attack.

John Bowden has the story.

Schumer says ‘MAGA Republicans’ spreading ‘echoes’ of Buffalo shooter’s ideology

Obama reacts to ‘despicable’ Buffalo shooting

Monday 16 May 2022 23:31 , Graeme Massie

The former president took to Twitter to condemn the mass shooting by a white nationalist in a predominantly Black neighbourhood of Buffalo.

“This weekend’s shootings in Buffalo offer a tragic reminder of the price we pay for refusing to curb the easy access to guns. It should also serve as a wakeup call for all Americans of goodwill, regardless of party,” he said.

“We need to repudiate in the strongest terms the politicians and media figures who — whether for political gain or to boost ratings — have used their platforms to promote and normalize “replacement theory” and other starkly racist, anti-Semitic, and nativist conspiracy theories.

“It’s despicable, it’s dangerous — and it needs to stop.”

Buffalo man arrested and accused of making terroristic threat

Monday 16 May 2022 22:58 , Graeme Massie

A Buffalo man was arrested amd accused of making a terroristic threat against two businesses in the wake of the mass shooting in the city.

Erie County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Joseph S Chowaniec made threats to a pizzeria on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo and to a brewery downtown.

Investigators say the 52-year-old called both businesses Sunday afternoon and made threats referencing the shooting at Tops Friendly Markets in the city, which killed 10 people and injured another three.

Mr Chowaniec faces seven years in prison if convicted.

Radio call reveals first responders’ alarm

Monday 16 May 2022 22:37 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: The radio calls between dispatchers and first responders on the scene at Buffalo’s Tops Friendly Market at the weekend has revealed their alarm at finding bodies at the supermarket.

According to audio obtained by Buffalo News on Sunday, a police officerinformed dispatchers to alert homicide detectives because “We have bodies down here”.

That call came after police were dispatched to the scene at 2.31pm to find an active shooting situation and straight away told dispatchers: “Radio, send as many cars as you possibly can”.

Shots were still being fired by the suspect gunman, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, as more police cars were dispatched to the store on the city’s Jefferson Avenue.

Read the full story here:

Radio call reveals first responders’ alarm at Buffalo shooting

Monday 16 May 2022 22:01 , Graeme Massie

ICYMI: The parents of 18-year-old Buffalo shooting suspect Payton Gendron were interviewed by FBI agents over the weekend, police said.

On Sunday, Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said investigators including FBI agents and New York State troopers had been to Mr Gendron’s family home, where they interviewed his parents.

While details remain few and far between, Mr Gramaglia said both of Mr Gendron’s parents were cooperating with authorities.

The police commissioner also believed they were “absolutely distraught and devastated” by their son’s arrest in connection with the shooting at Tops Friendly Market on Saturday, Fox News reported.

Police believe the suspect gunman acted alone when he shot 10 people dead at the supermarket in Buffalo, about 200 miles away from his home in Conklin, New York.

Read the full story here:

Buffalo shooting suspect’s ‘devastated’ parents interviewed by FBI

Shooting suspect visited Buffalo supermarket in March

Monday 16 May 2022 21:32 , Graeme Massie

Buffalo Police Commissioner says that the shooting suspect visited the site of the mass killing back in March.

Joseph Gramaglia said that white supremacist Payton Gendron had been at the Tops Friendly Markets store several months ago.

Mr Gramaglia added that law enforcement has embarked on “a very long investigation.”

“There’s a lot of digital footprint, electronics we’ll have to go through. So that process is ongoing,” he said on Monday.

“Information has also come as a result of some of this investigation that the individual was here a few months ago, back in early March. So as I said, there’s a lot of material to go through, so that we have confirmed now it appears that individual was here back in early March.”

‘I understand emotions are high’: Erie County DA

Monday 16 May 2022 21:23 , Graeme Massie

“This defendant is innocent until proven guilty. He has only been charged with one charge and that is it. It is an accusation, an allegation and that is all it is,” said prosecutor John Flynn during a press conference.

“My job is to ensure a fair and impartial trial and iIam goign to do everything I can to make sure that happens.”

He said there was a “lot of chat and threats” that he and law enforcement were now hearing in the Buffalo area, in the wake of the grocery store attack.

He said a man had been arrested and held for making threats to a pizza restaurant and a brewery, “referencing” the attack. He said the man now faced up to seven-years in jail for making terrorist threats.

He admitted the man, whom he did not name, would be allowed to walk free after his arraignment.

“If you make threats you are going to get arrested then I am going to presecute you,” he said as he warned “any tough guy” that was threatening people.

“I will find you, I will arrest you and I will prosecute you,” he added.

Amherst Police investigating shooting threats

Monday 16 May 2022 21:09 , Graeme Massie

“The Amherst Police Department is aware of the threat shown here. It is currently under investigation. We are working with all of our law enforcement partners as the investigation continues,” the department tweeted in response to an online threat.

Video of Tucker Carlson promoting ‘Great Replacement’ theory surfaces again

Monday 16 May 2022 20:35 , Graeme Massie

A white supremacist mass shooter in Buffalo killed 10 people and wounded another three — 11 of whom were Black — and left behind a manifesto that clearly indicated he had been inspired to commit his crime by the “Great Replacement Theory”.

The accused Buffalo shooter’s manifesto echoes ideas that are becoming fairly standard in conservative ideology, thanks in no small part to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Graig Graziosi has the story.

Video of Tucker Carlson promoting ‘Great Replacement’ theory surfaces again

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘shocked’ people ‘refuse to take responsibility’ to defend themselves

Monday 16 May 2022 19:55 , Graeme Massie

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been slammed for a tweet in which she said she is “shocked” that people “refuse to take responsibility” to defend themselves.

The Republican lawmaker’s tone-deaf post came just days after 10 people were gunned down by a white nationalist at a grocery store in a largely African-American neighbourhood in Buffalo.

The Georgia politician was responding to a tweet in which a user asked why anyone would want to live somewhere that people had to arm themselves to go and buy groceries.

“I do live in that world. I am blessed to live in Georgia. And I want the same for every law-abiding citizen. I’m shocked at how many people refuse to take responsibility for defending themselves, handing over their rights and depending on the failing government to protect them,” she tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to criticise the congresswoman for her stance.

“Blessed to live in Georgia”- The #5 state in the country with total gun related deaths (more then double New York’s total death) this isn’t even based off per capita…” tweeted one user.

And another user added: “Now condemn white replacement theory. I’ll wait.”

“I love living in a world where guns have more rights than women!” tweeted another user.

Twitch livestream has reappeared on social media

Monday 16 May 2022 17:30 , Gino Spocchia

Both Facebook and Twitter have reportedly been working to remove versions of the Twitch livestream filmed by suspect gunman Payton Gendron on Saturday.

The livestream, which the gaming website removed within minutes of the attack unfolding, has since reappeared on social media sites – who say they are working to remove the horrific and alarming footage.

“We have teams working around the clock across Meta to identify, remove, and block violating content related to the shooting,” said the owners of Facebook to Newsweek on Monday.

Twitter told The Associated Press on Sunday it was working to remove material related to the shooting that violates its rules on content shared by “individual perpetrators of terrorist, violent extremist, or mass violent attacks”.

A victim’s mother meanwhile told Buffalo News at the weekend that she had sent her daughter to the Tops Friendly Market on Saturday and saw her getting shot by the gunman on a video that was res-shared on Facebook.

New York governor Kathy Hochul afterwards called on social media companies to be more vigilant with such content, which she said should have taken down “within a second”.

Questions asked about suspects background

Monday 16 May 2022 17:00 , Gino Spocchia

The investigation into the Buffalo shooting has raised questions about why the suspect, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, was not more of a concern to authorities before his arrest in connection with the deaths of 10 Black people at a supermarket.

Police were previously aware of Mr Gendron June last year, when he was detained for making a “generalised” threat at his high school, Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said at the weekend.

Mr Gendron reportedly underwent a mental health evaluation at the time, and was released after 1-1/2 days, The Associated Press reported.

Police say investigators have since uncovered evidence suggesting the attack on the Tops Friendly Market was an “racially motivated violent extremism”. That includes an alleged 180=page manifesto written by Mr Gendron which includes white supremacist conspiracy theories.

All names of victims released by Buffalo police

Monday 16 May 2022 16:30 , Gino Spocchia

The names of all victims of Saturday’s shooting in Buffalo, New York, have been released by police as the investigation into the racist attack progesses.

Police said on Sunday that the 13 victims, almost of all of whom were Black, raged in aged between 20 and 86, and included well known figures from the local community.

All 10 of those who were killed were Black, in what police have called a racially motivated hate crime carried out by a white gunman.

Read the full story here:

Tributes honour Black community leaders killed in Buffalo mass shooting

Anti-racism experts condemn the right over Buffalo

Monday 16 May 2022 16:00 , Gino Spocchia

The 18-year-old suspect charged in connection with the Buffalo shooting on Saturday allegedly wrote a manifesto in which he pushed ideas including “white replacement theory”.

Experts have long pointed to the theory as inspiring numerous far-right attacks in the United States and elsewhere. Despite that, far right members of the GOP and commentators such as Fox News’s Tucker Carlson have referenced the theory – particularly in association with the southern border.

Now, the theory is again at the centre of debate following the shooting deaths of 10 Black people in Buffalo.

John Bowden has more analysis here:

Anti-racism experts condemn ‘great replacement’ conspiracy pushed by Tucker Carlson

Buffalo police certain shooting is a hate crime

Monday 16 May 2022 15:30 , Gino Spocchia

Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said the shooting at Tops Friendly Market was an “absolute hate crime”, and that his investigation would treat the case as such, in comments reported by CNN on Sunday.

“The evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime,” Mr Gramaglia said. “This is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind.”

It follows reports that Payton Gendron, 18, allegedly wrote a 180-page manifesto online with white supremacist themes.

He also allegedly modified a gun – painted with racist and white supremacist symbols –before travelling about 200 miles to Buffalo where he livestreamed the attack and shot 10 Black people dead, authorities said.

He has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges, which carry a life prison sentence in New York.

Governor calls on tech companies to take action

Monday 16 May 2022 15:00 , Gino Spocchia

Governor Kathy Hochul labelled the Buffalo shooting suspect “a white supremacist” whose killing of 10 people was “cold-hearted” and “military style” during a news conference on Sunday.

“It strikes us in our very hearts to know that there’s such evil that lurks out there,” said Ms Hochul. “This individual – this white supremacist – who just perpetrated a hate crime on an innocent community, will spend the rest of his days behind bars.”

While 18-year-old Payton Gendron – who has now been charged with first degree murder and pleaded not guilty in court on Saturday night – the governor continued by demanding action from technology companies on hate speech shared on the internet.

“How these depraved ideas are fermenting on social media — it’s spreading like a virus now,” Ms Hochul told ABC News.

It comes amid revelations about Mr Genderson’s beliefs, which he allegedly included in a 180-page “manifesto” in which he described himself as a white supremacist.

Police say Gendron filled with hate

Monday 16 May 2022 13:00 , Gino Spocchia

Payton Gendron was allegedly filled with hatred towards the Black community, police said on Sunday.

“The evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime,” said Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia. “This is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind”.

A police source also told CNN that Mr Gendron had been “studying” previous attacks and shootings and that his statements to officers were filled with hate. It was unclear however what he said.

Mr Gendron – who has been charged with first-degree murder for the shooting –pleaded not guilty in court on Saturday night.

Read the full story here:

Buffalo shooter made hateful statements about Black community, police say

Firearms store owner ‘couldn’t believe it’

Monday 16 May 2022 12:30 , Gino Spocchia

The owner of a firearms store who reportedly sold the weapon used on Saturday has spoken out following the attack on a supermarket in Buffalo

On Sunday, Robert Donald said herecently sold a Bushmaster assault weapon to the suspect, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, and “could not believe” what had occurred.

“I knew nothing about it until I got the call from them (federal investigators), said Mr Donald, owner of Vintage Firearms, to The New York Times. “I couldn’t believe it”.

Mr Donald said the suspect passed a background check and “didn’t stand out, because if he did, I would’ve never sold him the gun”. He added that “any gun can be easily modified if you really want to do it,” after the weapon allegedly used in the attack was found to have been modified.

The comments came as New York governor Kathy Hochul told reporters that magazines which are illegal in New York State were used in the attack.

Suspect was ‘acting like he was homeless'

Monday 16 May 2022 12:00 , Gino Spocchia

The suspect arrested following the deadly attack on a predominantly Black neighnbourhood on Saturday in Buffalo conducted a “reconnaissance” a day before the shooting, according to police.

Payton Gendron visited the Tops Friendly Market on Friday in Buffalo to check out the area, said Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia on Sunday. “It seems that he had come here to scope out the area, to do a little reconnaissance work on the area before he carried out his just evil, sickening act,” said Mr Gramaglia.

The manager of the supermarket, Shonnell Teague, followed by saying on Sunday that Gendron allegedly came “acting like he was homeless”, in an apparent disguise.

“He really was checking out the store,” she told The New York Daily News: “He was acting like he was homeless and needed change”.

Authorities said Mr Gendron had traveled about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from his home in Conklin, New York, home to Buffalo to carry out the attack on the mainly Black community there, The Associated Press reported.

Bidens to visit Buffalo on Tuesday

Monday 16 May 2022 11:30 , Gino Spocchia

Joe Biden will visit Buffalo on Tuesday to “grieve” with community figures and members after Saturday’s deadly shooting.

The White House said he would “grieve with the community that lost ten lives in a senseless and horrific mass shooting,” along with his wife and first lady Jill Biden.

Speaking on Sunday, the US president said he was praying for the families of those shot “by a lone gunman, armed with weapons of war and hate-filled soul,” and called for federal action to end the “uniquely American phenomenon” of mass shootings.

Gun used in Buffalo supermarket shooting was bought legally but modified

Monday 16 May 2022 11:00 , Maroosha Muzaffar

The weapon used in the mass shooting in Buffalo was obtained legally but later modified with “illegal magazines” available on sale in other states like Pennsylvania, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

The magazines used in the attack are not allowed to be sold in New York, officials said.

Read the full story here:

Gun used in Buffalo supermarket shooting bought legally but modified, governor says

Payton Gendron threatened school shooting and was given mental health evaluation before Buffalo attack

Monday 16 May 2022 10:30 , Maroosha Muzaffar

Payton Gendron, 18, who has been charged with murder over the Buffalo shooting, had previously threatened to shoot up his high school and was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation, an anonymous law enforcement source told Associated Press.

In 2021, the then-17-year-old talked about committing a shooting at Susquehanna Valley Central High School in Broome County, New York.

Read the full story here:

Payton Gendron threatened school shooting before Buffalo attack

Micah Hyde, Bills to help families of Buffalo shooting victims

Monday 16 May 2022 10:00 , Maroosha Muzaffar

Micah Hyde — who plays for Buffalo Bills in the NFL — considered cancelling his charity softball game after hearing about the shooting on Saturday at a Buffalo supermarket, it was reported.

“I still can’t believe it,” Hyde said before his softball event on Sunday at Sahlen Field in downtown Buffalo. “But when there’s hate in the world, you kind of erase it with love, and coming out here today and showing the community love and love to the youth, love to the community, love to the foundation. I guess that’s the way to combat it.”

Mr Hyde committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the game — $200,000 from the event’s sponsors — to the families of the victims.

Hyde, Bills commit to helping victims of Buffalo shooting

Social media platforms remove videos faster, but not by much

Monday 16 May 2022 09:30 , Maroosha Muzaffar

Social media platforms have got quicker at removing extremist videos of shootings — but still face calls to do more.Video was posted online on Saturday of the attack that killed 10 people and wounded three others — most of them Black — in a “racially motivated violent extremist” shooting in Buffalo, New York.

Police say that 18-year-old suspect Payton Gendron live-streamed the attack on the gaming platform Twitch, which is owned by Amazon.A Twitch spokesperson said that they removed the video in less than two minutes.

This is faster than the 17 minutes that Facebook took to take down a similar video streamed by a self-described white supremacist who killed 51 people in two New Zealand mosques in 2019.

Read the full story here:

Buffalo shooting: Sites yank videos faster, but not by much

Colleagues of Aaron Salter unsurprised that he gave his life protecting others

Monday 16 May 2022 09:00 , Maroosha Muzaffar

Aaron Salter, 55, was remembered by his ex-colleagues from Buffalo Police Department as a “hero.”Salter, a retired Buffalo police officer, fired multiple times at the shooter and was shot and killed during the attack.

He was working as a security guard at the Tops Market on Saturday when the gunman began killing people.“It’s not surprising to me, at all, that he did what he did yesterday,” said retired Lt Steven Malkowski, who previously served as Salter’s supervisor when they both worked in the Buffalo Police Department’s Traffic Division.

“Even though you leave the job, the job doesn’t leave you. I know he was thinking about, something was going wrong here. People’s lives were in danger, and he was probably the only person who was in there that could help and save people.”

“He’s a true hero,” Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said on Sunday. “There could have been more victims if not for his actions.”

New York State flags to fly at half-mast in honour of Buffalo shooting victims

Monday 16 May 2022 08:30 , Maroosha Muzaffar

Beginning Monday, New York State flags will be flown at half-mast in honour of the victims of the Buffalo shooting.It was reported that the flags shall remain there until all victims of the shooting are laid to rest.

The shooting took place at Tops Friendly Market in the 1200 block of Jefferson Avenue in the state’s second-largest city, in a predominantly Black neighbourhood.

The authorities believe that the attack was racially motivated.Thirteen people in total were shot. Among the victims, 11 were Black.

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